Waiting Out, by the Curbside, for You…

The confessions of, a PREDATOR!

I’m, waiting out, by the curbside, for you, ‘cuz how I was able to, graze your boobs, and, it’d, felt amazing, to hold those, plump, juicy, round, not to mention, HUGE T-I-T-S with my fingers! 

and, this, was what that MOTHER FUCKER’s been doing, since he’d, touched me…查看來源圖片image found online…

Waiting out, by the curbside, for you, I’d started doing, but, it’s like, you’re, avoiding me or something, why’s that?  I mean you, NO harm, I just, want to, squeeze those, huge breasts of yours, like how my wife would let me.

Waiting out, by the curbside, for you, ‘cuz, you will, pass my way, and I’m, counting on it!  You can’t do anything, you didn’t, do nothing (yeah, and your point being???) the first time, I’d, graze ‘em, TITS of yours, so, guess, that’s, a go ahead for me then???

Waiting out, by the curbside for you, that was, what that MOTHER-FUCKER who’d, touched my larget TITS had been doing, and, I’d, taken another way, NOT to “bump into” him, not because I was, SCARED, but because, I don’t want things, to get, too U-G-L-Y, and, it’s, gonna, get U-G-L-Y all right!  Trust me on that, ‘cuz NOBODY takes advantage of me like that, I don’t CARE who you might be!!!

About taurusingemini

All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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