The Drug Addict Drove Against the Traffic, and, the Motorist Got His Leg Broken

Evading arrest, and he’d, put someone else’s safety in jeopardy too!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Chiu two nights ago around the midnight hours, with illegal substance in his car, and he met the police conducting the road checks, he’d refused to stop, and, sped away at sixty-kilometers onto the New Ocean Bridge, and, saw that the police had, set up a blockade on the other side, he’d, turned back toward Banciao, and, as he drove against traffic down the bridge, he’d, hit a motorcycle, and, as his car stopped, he’d, finally, allowed himself to be taken by the police.  The motorist, Chien broke his left femur, rushed to the hospital for emergency resuscitation, Chiu was charged with obstruction to justice, public endangerment, and drugs, the D.A. set his bail at $20,000N.T. after they interrogated him.

The two officers from the local substations rode the motorcycles two evenings ago at around eleven, saw that the 32-year-old Chiu’s car looked suspicious, stopped him.  Chiu had stashed illegal substances away on his car, he’d refused to stop, and, accelerated, and, kept running around in the city, and, hit the police patrol scooters, and, an officer was forced to leap off the scooter, and suffered minor abrasions.

The police chased Chiu for almost six kilometers, Chiu drove fast onto the bridges toward Sinchuang, the city police were called up,a nd, blockaded him in; as Chiu drove to the head of the bridge, saw the police barricaded there, he’d, gotten off the bridge, and immediately, turned back on, to return to Banciao.  At the exit ramps, he’d, attempted to drive against traffic to get off the bridge, and, the 33-year-old Chien was riding toward Sinchuang onto the bridge, and, he was hit, and sent flying, he’d suffered a left femur fracture, and was howling out in pain on the pavements.

As Chiu hit the motorist, he got off on foot, and was arrested by the police, they’d found a box of cigarettes, with two packs of heroin, weighing in at 94 grams; as Chiu was taken to the station, he was relapsing and started losing control, and started screaming.

And so, this still just showed, that you can’t escape if you did something illegal, that the police will, catch up to you, and this man not only endangered his own life in the chase, he’d also, hit a motorist, broken his leg too.

Said Our Goodbyes…

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