A Horrid Lover: He Couldn’t Get Her to Take Him Back after the Breakup, He Set Fire to Her Home from Before, & Now, Eleven Years Later, He’d, Committed Arson Again

With a prior record of violence here!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man who was sent to prison, Kuo eleven years ago, because he’d threatened and injured his girlfriend who broke up with him, started dating another woman, Lee after his release, at the end of last year after they broke up, he was suspected of injuring Lee by running her over, and went to the victim’s home and committed arson, thankfully, the family got away.  The police reviewed over the street surveillance and found that Kuo was involved in the matter, but he’d, denied having committed arson.  The Taichung D.A.’s office charged him with public endangerment and attempted murder yesterday, and asked the courts to not rule on the matter too leniently.

The indictment papers from the district attorney’s office stated, that Kuo (age 33) threatened and attacked and injured his ex eleven years ago because she’d broken up with him, he’d even gone to the residence of his ex, set fires to two scooters to show his displease.  The courts sentenced him to nine and a half years in prison, he’d served until September of 2016, and was paroled.  After his release, he’d, started cohabiting with a woman, Lee, and shortly afterwards, she’d broken up with him.

Kuo was suspected of not being able to get his ex back, on the afternoon of November 25 of last year, he was suspected of running over Lee who was riding on her scooter with his car, caused her to have contusions on her lower extremities.  Two days ago at around three in the morn, he wore a baseball cap, with a surgical mask on his face, committed arson at Lee’s place downstairs.  And thankfully, the victim noticed that something wasn’t quite right, she’d waken up her parents and her young daughter, and, run to the fourth floor to escpae the fire, and, they were, unharmed, after being rescued by the firefighters.

The district police reviewed over the street surveillance cameras, and found that Kuo was a primary suspect.  As he reported to the local station, he’d told them, that he was trying to catch up to Lee with his car, and NOT run her over, to have her pay back the loan he’d given to her from before.  Kuo also denied having committed arson, claimed, that he was there, only checking to see if Lee’s motorcycle was parked there, that he’d not, set the fire.  But the D.A. believed that Kuo had used similar measures to commit both crimes, that he showed, NO sign of remorse, and so, they asked the courts, to sentence him heavily.

And this still just showed, how if you break up, with a possessive loser, than, chances are, he will, come after you, because that, is just how those LOSERS behaved, when we break up with them, they feel that they’d not done anything wrong, and are, displeased for being dumped or broken up, and if you’re not careful, then, you just might, be the NEXT victim!








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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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