After He’d Dismembered His Girlfriend into Seven Chunks…He’d Continued Seeing Three Women at the Same Time

Love and murder, one leads to the other, it seemed, quite a lot…from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Thirty-One-Year-Old Man, Wu Who Cohabited with the Forty-Three-Year-Old Woman, Chang Who Worked in a Bar for Two Years, on the Eighth of Last Month, He Was Displeased at How Chang Wanted to Break Up, He Was Suspected of Strangling Her to Death, and Dismembering Her into Seven Pieces, then Disposed of in a Huge Plastic Bag, and After He’d Murdered Her, He’d Gone about His Days Clam and Normally.  Two Days Ago, the Police Found that the Car Used to Transport the Dismembered Body Had Been Cleaned, and as They Went to Wu with an Arrest Warrant, that was When He’d Admitted to What He’d Done.  After Interrogations, the District Attorney Asked the Courts to Have Him Taken into Custody Based off of Flight Risk and Getting Rid of Evidence.

After the D.A.’s examined, the deceased had a fractured tongue, they’d suspected that after Wu strangled Chang to death, he’d dismembered her using a large saw, into six parts, he’d used cruel measures in cutting her up.

And because the three bags with the body parts were already torn open, and the internal organs had already rotted away or gotten eaten by dogs, there was only the bladder, and the uterus left, plus where Chang dumped the body was high in moisture, the body had a film of wax covering it, and started rotting out already.  The D.A. stated, that they will conduct a toxicology examination.  As the son and older sister of the deceased woman arrived at the site of the dump, they looked very serious, without saying a single word.

The police found, that Wu and Chang met through a friendship app, they were both divorced, and had been dating and cohabiting for about two years.  Chang’s son who was in college and her coworker found that she’d not contacted them and not shown up for work for many days, they’d called the police on the 24th.  The police found Wu and called him in, he’d told them he’d not known where she’d gone, plus Chang’s car was nowhere to be found, the police became suspicious, and started a larger scale investigation.

The police called Wu to the station to inquire, but there wasn’t any progress, but as they’d tailed him, the police found, that Wu was dating four women at the same time, and had stayed in the female friends’ place for nights, but, there wasn’t any hard evidence, they couldn’t get anywhere.

The local office manager of the substation and his subordinates went to the Buckley Park, where they found Chang’s car, and the car seemed to have been thoroughly cleaned, and this was just what the police needed, to crack the case.

The police found Wu in his girlfriend’s home, as he saw the police show him the immediate arrest warrant issued by the district attorney, he’d started showing guilt, not long thereafter, he’d admitted to what he’d done, and told that on the eighth of last month, he’d gone to Chang’s home to talk about breaking up, and he was furious, had choked her to death with his bare hands, and, on the night, he’d gone to the local shop and shopping mart to buy the saw and the plastic bag he’d needed; the following morn, he’d chopped Chang up into seven pieces, and wrapped the pieces in three separate bags.

On the ninth of last month, he’d placed the bags into Chang’s car which he’d managed to clean up, drove the car to the local park, and dumped the plastic bags in the bushes.  Wu said he’d originally wanted to bury the parts, but, because the spot he’d found was too populous, he’d just, tossed the three bags.  The saw, as well as the container he’d placed the chopped up body in, he’d taken it back to his girlfriend’s home and dumped it nearby.  The police immediately went to the site that Wu told them about, and found the three bags of chopped up corpse, and the clothes Wu was wearing when he’d committed the murder, and yesterday morn, they’d gone back to the place where the body was dismembered, to reenact it out, then, charged him with murder, and sent him to Tainan’s D.A.’s Office.

This is how love led to murder, because of the breakup, the woman wanted to end it with this man, and, he felt displeased, and, in the heat of the moment, he’d, murdered her, then, he’d chopped her up into many pieces, and, bagged her, and drove the pieces of her body someplace to dump.  What this man did was awful, just because love went sour, that still does NOT give you the right, to take the life of someone who doesn’t WANT to be with you anymore!!!  And now, you will be punished, hopefully, by life in prison, because you DESERVED to be tortured by your own guilty conscience until the END of your days!

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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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