The Mother of the Child Who Was Beaten Up by His Father for Not Getting the Food Specifications He’d Preferred Filed for Divorce from Her Husband…I Just Want to Protect My Son

Continuation from yesterday’s news, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The aftermath of the domestic violence of the family involving the son’s buying the wrong foods for the father continued, the woman Lee, went to Hsinbei District Court to file for a divorce, and set a restraining order.  She’d told, “I hope that with this incident of ours, it can, help bring about awareness of cases like ours in the justice system.”  She’d hoped, that all who are in similar situations can step out, and trust the justice systems.

As Lee showed up, she couldn’t stop herself from shaking all over, she’d cried incessantly.  The attorney, Chen helped her issued a statement, pointed out that after the video streamed online, the online community said it was a “conspiracy” of sorts, but the mother only wanted the justice systems to take the matter more seriously, she’d not wanted to see the public taking matters into their own hands, and she’d, never expected that this would be, how the events would, turn out, as a mother, she’d hoped, that her son wouldn’t believe, that violence can solve anything.

Lee’s statement pointed out, “I’m nowhere near perfect as a mother, you can criticize me, but for now, I just want to, protect my own son.” “The very first mistake I’d made, was that I’d not, ended my marriage in time, and kept carrying that false expectation.”  She believed that it was her nature as a woman that’s, at fault, that after her husband abused her son, there would be a period of time when he was very kind and gentle toward him, it’d given the two of them false hopes, and that she’d become, unable, to tear herself away from the abusive relationship, hoping, that by taking everything in, it can, make things better.  She’d stated, she’d communicated with her husband many times, asked him to go to therapy, to get treated, but, her husband still hadn’t done it.

Lee believed, that in the twelve years of her marriage, she’d made the mistakes of “not knowing the person I was married to clearly enough”, she’d thought, that she could, “gamble on it once more”, to keep her family whole, and that she’d mistakenly believed, that her husband “could change for the better”.  She told, that she’s done, gambling now, she just hoped that her sons will have a safe environment to grow up in, hoped, that the damages in her children’s lives, stops here.

And, it won’t, because of what your sons had, bore witness to, they are going to, internalize what they saw of how you and your husband interacted with each other, and, chances are, they may turn into abusers in the future, or that they may, start fearing interacting with members of the opposite sex altogether, and these, are the only ways that children who grew out of an abusive background can develop.

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