He’d Wrapped His Wife’s Head with a Plastic Bag, Tortured Her, Because He’d Suspected She Was, Cheating on Him, the Wife Had Barely a Breath Left When the Man Finally Decided, to Take Her to the Hospital

A slap on the wrist, for ATTEMPTED murder, if you can believe that!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Lu suspected that his wife had been, cheating on him, he’d beaten his wife up with a wooden club, forced her to tell him who she’d had an affair with; the wife replied, “I’m not cheating on you!”, and he’d, continued, beating her, and even, tortured her by suffocating her with a plastic bag over her head.  The Taipei District Court charged Lu on attempted murder from domestic violence, sentenced him to eight months in prison, the High Courts of Taiwan had, agreed to Lu’s request of doing volunteer work, and paying his own wife for the damages, he’d shown signs of remorse, and they are now, divorced, that he is less than likely, to torture or abuse his own wife again, put him on probation for FIVE years.

Lu works in a banking corporation, he and his wife has a son, he’d suspected that his wife was cheating on him, and started, not getting along with her.  On January 30th of last year, Lu found a call from an unknown caller on his wife’s cell phone, suspected that it was a call from the man she was cheating on him with, he’d started, beating on his wife’s legs with a wooden bat over ten times, and, demanded she tell him who he was.

As the wife fought, she’d explained, “I am NOT having an affair!”, Lu “ripped” her off the couch, covered up her nose and mouth, then, placed a plastic bag over her head, to suffocate her.  His wife was tortured by him, to barely breathing, had multiple bruises and contusions, from her head to her toe, and stayed limp on the living room couch, after the whole evening passes, Lu suddenly realized, “I’d needed to call an ambulance, to help save her”.

Lu admitted to clubbing down his wife, but denied to have any intent of murdering her, believed, that it was only, “regular assault”.  The Taipei District Court believed, that Lu not only beaten his wife up with a club, he’d multiple times, covered her mouth and nose, prevented her from breathing, he acted with sever malice, gave him an eight month sentence, and he couldn’t, pay his way out of serving the time, the time, MUST be served.

The High Courts believed that the verdict from the first trial was just, but the couple had since, divorced, and the two parties had, settled, and the ex-wife chose to forgive “so the kids can have the love of their father”, and Lu was willing to pay his ex $200,000N.T. for the damages, and sufferings he’d caused her, and, gone to volunteer at the domestic violence prevention center as well as the hospital as she’d, requested, the judge believed, that there’s, remorse and intent to change in him.

The High Courts believed, that Lu would not commit the crimes again, and gave him five years probation, and, he will be restrained from contacting his ex-wife, that he must not, abuse her again, or the courts shall, retract the probation.

And so, this LOSER still got only a SLAP on his wrist for ATTEMPTED murder of HIS own wife, simply because he showed remorse (which can easily be, FAKED, hello, hello, hello???), and the judge made the calls, based off of how the couple is now, divorced, and the woman was, willing to accept the man’s apologies, for NEARLY murdering her, but, what if (because there’s, this HIGH possibility!!!), he decided that he got the shorter end of the stick, and wanted to take revenge on her one day in the future?  Then, the COURTS would have BLOOD on their hands, wouldn’t they???

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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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