Owl’s Cafe

This, goes against ALL laws set up for animal protection, and yet, there are, still these sorts of shops all around in the world today, I wonder W-H-Y, oh yeah, simple ECONOMICS: supply AND demand!!! Translated…

After the Dragon Boat Festivals, people started pondering, where they can venture out to for the summer. These past couple of days, my friends wrote, asking me about the Owl Café in Japan, because there’s, a group of people, calling out to others, to set up a tour, to head over to Japan to see it.

The Owls Café, is the recently trending business, its selling point is that the consumers get to be up close and personal with the wildlife, and enjoying their cups of coffees at the same time. Other than the owls being the star, there were also the rabbits, the hedgehogs; other than these animals as the primary attractions, the shops also sold the small souvenirs too.

I was moved, by the photos I saw online, the owls open up their round eyes, rolled them, or with their eyes, closed, like philosophers, deep in thought, especially in the movies, they’re, often, connected with something magical, beautiful, and spiritual, it’d, made people melt over them, and our lips, curled up too.

“So healing!”, I’d sorted through the cute pictures, thought to myself, sorrowfully.

Actually, not too long ago, I was, just like other animal lovers, longed to “own” them. And even if I couldn’t own them directly, if there were, moments where I can get closer to them, I’d felt, very much, satisfied, then, felt that I’m, filled with love, because of how “cute” they all are.

And, before the news channels raked up the muck, “The workers disclosed, just how CRUEL the owl café is”, because I’d worked on behalf of animal protection, animal welfare, I’d, already understood the truth, of these wild animals, being, domesticated by humans, so, the appearance of the “Owls Café”, is just like another circus, animal show, the pony rides, the petty zoos, adding to yet, another case of “animal entertainments”.

Let’s not discuss the abuse that animals suffered, for the sakes of entertainment of human beings, based off of the wildlife protection agencies, there were, many of the wild animals, for every one that showed up in humans’ homes, eight had died in the poachers’ hands, and, those who’d died, were the families of origins of all of these animals, that we claimed, we loved dearly—as we’d wanted to have the young animals that were, too cute to resist, we must, murder their parents first.

Then, let’s, return to using animals for entertainment purposes, not mentioning the whips, the torches, the tazers, the hungers the trainers used, to control them, basing on what I’d observed at the Owls Café, is it, considered, animal abuse, if they just stood on the sticks, posed for the photo ops, have the snacks?

how the animals were, kept…photo from online…查看來源圖片

Actually, the owls are, nocturnal, but, complying with the operation times of the humans running the café, in that overly bright space, noisy and too small, it’d, defied their natural ways of living, and nature too, plus, they were all, kept captive long term, lacking exercise, and, because they were, petted by the customers, the tourists, it’d, caused them enormous stress, and their health had, deteriorated, leading to their, untimely deaths.

There were, multiple news reports that’s pointed out, there were, SEVEN dead owls kept by the café in only one year, there were, the cafés that’s viewed these animals as expandables, instead of repairing and fixing them, they’d, just bought new animals to replace the old—even if, they’d, allowed the injured or ailing owls to just starve to death, buying new ones, it’s more, economical!

This situation, I really, don’t want to, blame the consumers, after all, I’d, understood how they all, have this love of the animals from the star; but, I can’t help, but blame the consumers, if there’s not the behaviors of visiting these shops, there would be, NO more merchants, who’d, used these lives, as tools to make money.

查看來源圖片it’s, just not “natural” for a wild owl, to WANT to stand on top of a young child’s head, is it???  Nope!  Photo from online…

For me, this, is simply fraud, it’s just, that we rarely, realized, that what we were scammed, were the love that we have, for the wildlife; it isn’t wrong, loving these animals, but, let’s, use the knowledge of how we should, protect them, to help them, live much better than this.

And so, the shops are using these LIVE animals as business tools, as attractions to the tourists, and, when the animals get sick, the shops refused to spend any money on them, instead, they just, go out, and buy themselves new animals, think about it, if these animals were your PETS, would you, dispose of them like TRASH, like these shops are doing??? I certainly wouldn’t believe so!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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