Having the Children Making Their Own Homework Revisions

By doing this, you’re teaching them to TAKE responsibilities for themselves!!!  Translated…

A full-time working mother needed the extra limbs to get her through her days, and, how we can, use our wits, to handle the things that comes up in life, we’d needed, to try many things to finally get to the one that worked.

As my children just entered into school, checking their assignments, and helping them correct the miswritten characters, it took a lot of my time.  Especially for some moms who’d wanted it all to be perfect, they’d immediately demanded their young to erase everything, and write it all again, and it’d caused the children to get upset, and the mothers to get angered.

like this, without breathing down your children’s NECKS!!!  Photo from online…

I don’t want to be a helicopter mom like that, and so, I’d allowed my children to watch some cartoons after school, to relax a bit, and to help them gain more common topics of conversations with their friends; but after the suppers came the assignments, and I’d taken advantage of this time, to do some housekeeping.  Wait until they’d finished their assignments, they’d brought it to my desk, and, if it’s not time for bed yet, they’d have some free time to do what they want to.

Later, I’d started checking their assignments, and even IF I’d found a miswritten character on their assignments, I’d simply just, circled it, then, put their homework books back on their desks, and as I am making the breakfasts in the morn, I’d allowed them to look that over to make their own corrections.  And, I’d had them practiced repeatedly, the wrong characters, that way, they wouldn’t get it wrong that easily in the future.

This way, it’d allowed me to not zoom in on my children’s assignments, and the kids can start learning to manage themselves, knowing, that they’d needed to pay more attention when they do their assignments, and it can also, reduce the tensions between us as well.

And by doing this, you’re, teaching your young a MORE important lesson which they will carry throughout their lives, hopefully, that NOBODY is going to make their corrections for them, that someone is helping, to point out their mistakes and that’s it, to correct the mistake, it’s their responsibilities, and, the children will learn, to be more careful in doing their assignments, because they wouldn’t want to waste the extra time correcting the mistakes on their homework assignments again.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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