Took Her Place

Rationalizing about D-E-A-T-H here, translated…

Out of the backdoors of the children’s academy, was the final twelve houses of the Theatre Sixth Village.  What’s meant by the children’s academy, is that the grade levels were from the first in elementary, and three grades in the middle school years, later on, the mandatory nine-years’ education was implemented, and the elementary schools got canceled, and the high schools got set up, it’d become, the first private all middle-high school.

Grandma Dai lives at number 362 right outside the schools, the members of her house was, very simple, a daughter-in-law, with her young grandson, and herself.  Her son was stationed on the external islands, rarely returned home.

From before whenever the New Year’s rolled around, the Dai’s had a family reunion.  Grandma Dai’s cousin, a family of four.  The son of her youngest brother-in-law, also with, the last name, Dai.  They’d all used Grandma Dai’s house as a gathering place, they’d visited every New Year’s.  And, we’d needed to wait until every New Year, to know, that she had two more sons, in Taipei, a granddaughter too, who’d come visit grandma once every year, and because she was the only girl in the grandchildren’s generation, she’d, become, cherished.

“Come, Shuan Shuan, come have a peanut candy.”  “Shuan Shuan, some dumplings for you here.”  “Shuan Shuan, bow towards grandmother.”  This young girl named Shuan Shuan, became, the flower girl during the New Year’s.  There was a huge garden in the school, and, Shuan Shuan would get pulled by the relatives, gotten a lot of photos taken of her there.

The second son gave the name, “Shuan Shuan” to his daughter, as a memoriam of sorts, Grandma Dai had a daughter first back home, her name was, “Shuan Shuan”, but before she was three years old, she’d, snuck out, and slipped by the small pond close by, and, drowned, she wasn’t found, until three days later.  Later, there were, the two younger brothers, who’d never met their older sister.

And so, as the second son had a daughter, he’d named her after her older sister, to give his mother console.  But, his wife divorced him, and, the daughter went with her mother, and, carried her own mother’s last name, and, had a brand new name, but, she’d still, followed her dad home to the village for the New Year’s.

a place like this one can prove to be quite dangerous, especially when the child wasn’t closely watched…photo from online…

The older son went into military school, married late, which was why his son and daughter were both, younger than his younger brother’s child.  As the older Shuan Shuan got her name changed, the younger Shuan Shuan was already two years old.

“Come Shuan Shuan, have a peanut candy.”  “Shuan Shuan, have some dumplings”.  “Shuan Shuan go and bow to grandmother”, the same language, the same calls, the same passions, the adolescent felt bad, was this, what “being replaced” felt like?

“Come, let’s go to the school to get our photos taken!”, the great uncle’s two daughter, the older cousin’s newly wedded wife, the “older” Shuan Shuan, with the younger child’s hands, to the flower patches to get the photos taken.

In a blink of an eye, as the adults talked on, Shuan Shuan had, disappeared!  “Perhaps, she’d, gone home on her own?”  “She’s only two, how can she possibly?”  the wife of the older cousin went back home to get the others, the whole family was out looking, turned the entire school campus inside and out, as the skies turned darker, the janitor at the school pulled the child, out of the mud from the pond, they were planting the saplings, and dug a few holes, the rain, and the mud, the two-year-old slipped and fallen in, and, was covered up, without making a single sound.

“The eldest aunt was also named Shuan Shuan, perhaps, the eldest aunt like her, that, was why, she’d, pulled her away………”

The mind of the adolescent girls, never told anybody else, thinking on it, thankfully, the child’s name was already, changed a long time ago.

like this???  And, you must be wondering, WHERE, are the parents???  Photo from online…

So, this, is the adults, RATIONALIZING about the DEATH of this young child, and it was still due to NEGLIGENCE, because had the adults kept a close eye on this young child, then, she wouldn’t have, wondered off, and, slipped and fell, and died by drowning!


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