The Cutest Differences in Height, Between a Man & a Woman

Finding the one, on marriage, translated…

My husband is just a little bit north of six feet, I, only a little taller than five feet.  I’d, secretly gloated, isn’t this, the “Cutest differences in height”?  Turns out, that we are, fashionable too, but, life isn’t, as romantic as I, supposed it could be.

Because my husband’s family wasn’t convenient to look after me and my child after birth, after my daughter was born, I’d, stayed with my own family, and, became a weekend couple with my husband.  During this time, we kept searching, for our own place, and finally, we’d found a place that we liked, with the homeowner, willing to sell to us.  Finally, we’d gotten our own place, and started, renovating it.

like this???  Photo from online…

After work, my husband would rush to our new home to oversee the constructions, and establish rapport with the workers.  After we’d moved in, as I brushed my teeth, I’d always, wondered, how come only my chin would show in the mirrors?  After I’d discussed it with him, if the mirror was placed, a bit, too high?  He’d walked over, looked into the mirror, said, “nope, the height is, just right!”, ahhhhhhh, the mirror, is placed, based off of his height.  Gladly, the kitchen was designed with the normal height, but as my husband helped with the dishes, he’d needed to, bend over, as his head would, hit the ventilating systems.  As we’d gone out, and wanted to take pictures, he’d needed to, bend over too, otherwise, our face couldn’t both be in the photo.

When it’d rained, it was, troubling too, at first, my husband had, carried our daughter in his arms, with me, holding the umbrella, but, the height which I’d held up the umbrella would always, block his sight, and, if I’d lifted the umbrella higher, I’d, get wet, and in the end, we’d each, taken an umbrella ourselves.

From time to time, I’d blamed him for being so tall, but, as I couldn’t kill the mosquitoes, or get things from higher places, I’d felt, that his height was, more than convenient.

I’d especially loved walking behind him, watched him walk our daughter who’s grown to his knees’ height to walk, looking at him, carrying her high up in the air.  For me, this, is the most blessed differences in height.

the height shouldn’t be that important, it’s the love that matters more, photo of S.B. Cohen with Isla Fisher from online…

So, you’d, married a man, who’s, a whole lot taller than you are, but, because of how willing you two are, of accommodating to each other’s needs, that, is what makes your marriage work so well, and the height differences is the least of the concerns, how connected your hearts are, that, is what mattered the most!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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