It’d Become Difficult, for Me to Visit with My Daughter After I Got Married Again

Nothing AMICABLE, about THIS divorce in particular, dilemmas in visitation rights, from a man, a Q&A, translated…

Q: My Ex is Displeased at Me Remarrying Again, She’d Kept Me Away from My Children

Mr. T’s first marriage, because he and his wife didn’t spend enough time together, at the start of last year, his ex-wife asked for a divorce.  During the divorce, T suggested that they go to marriage counseling, but his ex-wife kept saying, that he was the problem in the marriage, she wouldn’t go.  T once went to set up the times at the MacKay Hospital and Wan-Ching Foundation for the counseling sessions, and at the last moment, his ex-wife stood him up.  At the divorce, they’d considered that their three-year-old daughter was still too young, needed the presence of her mother, so T didn’t fight for the custody rights; other than sharing the costs of raising the young child, along with her education costs, he was allowed one visitation with his young daughter, with his ex-wife’s supervisions.

what it’d lookedlike, from online…

A little over ten months after the divorce, T met someone new, and immediately remarried again; he believed this to be a private matter, he’d not let his ex-wife know.  But, as the ex found out, she’d started accusing T’s current wife for wrecking her family up, damaging her relationship with her ex-husband, T denied the allegations, and wouldn’t get flustered like his ex-wife had.

And, ever since, visiting his daughter became harder than hard for him.  Sometimes, his ex called him via webcam and he’d not picked up right away, his ex would tell his daughter, that her dad’s dating, and didn’t have time for her.  If the daughter misbehaved, the ex would then, grill him about it, “This is what a child without a father is like.”  Finally, he’d gotten together with his daughter, his ex would use sarcasms and mockeries when she saw him, and, every visitation became one more trial in his life.  Later, as the dates of visitation came, his ex would say, that they didn’t have the time, T asked her to find a day when she would be available, but she wouldn’t, he’s at wits end about what to do.

A My Advice

The ex-wife’s behaviors are unpredictable, she’s the one who wanted to divorce, but, T’s remarrying had caused her to be jealous, and started punishing him by keeping his daughter away from him.  From before, T took his ex and his daughter on a trip, perhaps, it’d given her the belief, that they may get back together again, which led to why she was displeased at how T remarried again?  T can try, going to the courts, and FILE for shared custody, but, he’d needed to keep solid evidence of how he paid the alimony and child supports each and every month, and how his wife prevented him from visiting with his own young, then, it might work out better for his sakes.  The child is only three, and, it worries me, how she will grow up, if her mother carries that grudge against her father to teach her.  I ask, that T work harder, and, he may get some help for the needed advice from the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families.

the WORST case scenario…from online

So, the ex seemed to feel jealous about how he was getting on with his life (getting married again), and may have become a bit, uneven over it, that, is why she’s, punishing him by keeping him away from his daughter, and at the same time, she’s probably, poisoning her young child against how her dad didn’t love her, and, if the child is too young, she will probably, believe in her mother’s words, for survival’s sake, and, as this girl grows up, she will, surely, HATE her father for her own mother’s insecurities and mistakes in life.


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