The Experienced Director, Y, Who’d Deserved the Respects

A man who’d become, a mentor, someone who’s willing, to go out of his way, to share things that can make your passages in life easier, translated…

As I received my performance degree in England, I’d just wanted to return to Taiwan, and work in a larger-scale troupe.  I was blessed, that I’d gotten the chance to perform on the big stages, but, it’d, taken me a DECADE, to finally participate in a classic written and directed by Y.

helping someone be better, that, is what a mentor does…picture from online…

Y’s scripts had always been rooted in the life of the little people in Taiwan, the daily livings, the stories of ordinary people.  In the simplest forms, but, it’s, the most difficult for the performers to act them out.  After all, other than “moving” the audience, there’s, NO other standards.  Y always told us, you must move yourselves, before you can move anybody else.  And, we’d always, carried this thought in mind, as we prepared ourselves for the performances each and every time.

The performers needed to be tough on the inside, because they’re always on the front lines, being criticized constantly.  Once as the curtains fell, Y walked on stage, stated to the audience, “This is the least conflicted of the series of plays I’d written, if you felt moved, then, it’s all due to the portrayals of the actors and actresses behind me.  But, if you don’t think the show was good, and, if there’s any problems, it’s all my, directing, my scriptwriting that’s, at fault.”  As I heard him said, I can only, lower my head, allowing my tears, to drip, drop, by drop onto the stage, otherwise, my makeup would be, ruined.  I’d been performing for years and years and every single time, I’d been, criticized like a human wall, and, the performers not knowing the results has tied into the elements or the performances, or how the director directed the plays, and this, was NEVER in the controls of the stage performers.

As we’d gone on tours to the south, Y would take us out to eat, and after the meals, we’d all, gathered in his room, holding conversations, mostly, we’d, listened to him talk.  Y has so many stories to tell, he’d told us, from how he’d said goodbye to his mother in the countryside, to come up north to study, how in middle school, he was troubled, in buying a Russian novel, how he and his best friends weathered through their armed service terms in Kinmen, how he’d fallen in love.  Y’s experiences were so interesting, so rich, like it was, destined, to become, a historical tale that’s from the truth.

someone with more experiences who wouldn’t mind helping you with issues from work, that, is what a mentor does, not my comic…

Y often stated, that the younger generations, are living in the societies built by the previous generations, and the world in the future, they will slowly, age, in this world, we’re, currently, building up.  Another performer and I had actually wanted to learn how to write the plays, and after Y learned, he’d told us, that he would be willing, to hold a playwright class, using the easygoing conversations, to lead us into writing the plays.  He’d told us, that you can’t instruct someone to write the plays, he can share the techniques, but at the end, the writers still needed to, write about the things that moved them the most.  And so, a group of us started, going to Y’s place to bug him, we’d, sat around his living room table, with snacks piled on top, hearing him tell all of his stories.

On the stages, there are, so many talents there, but, those with the good will, willing to help those who are younger, are limited in number.  Y is a writer who creates in my opinion, he’d cared about others, protected and loved his performers, and would go forward or fall backward with the times.  I’d learned from him, respect and good will, the two most easily overlooked values, in any of the fields out there.  Recalling, I’m, truly blessed, to work under the directions of Y, to become, his student.

So, this is the story of a mentor, this man cared about his performers, NOT just on how they’re doing on stage, he was willing, and able to, share the experiences of his own life with the younger generations, and that, is what being a mentor is all about: caring about the younger generations, sharing with their one’s own life experiences, to help their passages in life easier.





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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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