Taking Grandpa Shopping for Groceries, Using the Numbers to Keep His Mind Active

From the caretakers’ journals, tips on interacting, taking care of an elderly with dementia, from the Newspapers, translated…

Two years ago, grandpa slowly started forgetting, kept asking the same question repeatedly, and couldn’t find his things, and claimed that there’s a burglar in the house, and he couldn’t sleep at night, rushed to find his identification card, and insisted that he needed to head to a banquet, sometimes, he’d be, expressionless, like nothing is his business, his temperament changed, would get angered easily, and followed by anxiety, even panic, making the entire family troubled.reading with him…photo from online…

As he was taken to the gerontologists, and it was confirmed, that he had a cognitive disorder, my parents hearts grew cold instantly, grandpa worked hard all his life, and finally, was about to start living his life of leisure, and this illness became, an unexploded bomb.

The families set up a structured schedule for him, and wrote it out in bold, large characters, to stimulate my grandfather’s mind, so it’d helped him use his mind more.

Back when my grandfather was younger he was a chef, discussed the items he was to prepare for the day with us, and wrote the grocery lists onto the white board made by his granddaughter, it’d made him happy, going to the marketplace to shop, and my parents became his escort.  And, shopping with him helps him interact with the stand owners, to have him use the numbers to communicate, and, it’d helped him feel very achieved; as they got home, they’d, sorted out the vegetables together, discuss how to cook; to mix all the multigrain with the beans, and had him sorted them out, to make it easier for cooking, or to give him allowances as an incentive, sometimes, when he’s in a foul mood: feed him the sticky rice treats with all the ingredients.

In the evenings, the granddaughter made her specialty essential oils with jojoba, mint, to massage grandpa’s hands and feet, and the scent masked up the smell of elderly people.

The local community volunteers would take grandpa to the nostalgic activities.  For instance, writing the red paper strips around the New Year’s, savoring the assortments of agricultural produces, to introduce him to the items for the New Year’s celebration, to help him find back that taste in his memories.

try some music time togehter, photo from online…

Don’t get angry with him, because he acted out of order, and going to church with him, to help him find the peace he’d needed inside.

So, these are, activities we can do, with our demented elderly loved ones, we need to just, accompany by their sides, be kind to them, to NOT get impatient, to not get angry with them, all this would be easy, IF you don’t live close to the elderly, or interact with her/him daily.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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