A Japanese Tourist Shoplifted a Pair of Sneakers & Pants Out of a Crowded Shop, When He Was Caught, “I Didn’t Have the Time to Pay”

Yeah, let’s see YOU try and WEASEL your way out of that!  Caught on camera too, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Shota Yamauchi a thirty-year-old Japanese man two evenings ago, went to shop at Ximenting, he’d entered into a couture shop, shoplifted a pair of white sneakers, and, at a jeans store only two hundred meters away, he’d attempted to steal a pair of jeans, but was caught by a store employee, he’d chased him all the way into the entrance of the MRT exits; the officers from Hanzhong Substation immediately gone to subdue Yamauchi, took him to the substation.

The police found, that Yamauchi came from Honshu, Japan, last Thursday, he’d arrived to Taiwan on a tourist visa, he’d come to Taiwan a total of eight times; two evenings ago, he dressed leisurely, with a white hat, in high style and fashion, arrived at Ximenting to shop.  First, he’d entered a sports clothing shop, and zoomed in on the sneakers by the doors, looked around, shoplifted a pair of white sneakers worth over $4,000N.T.’s, then immediately turned around and left.

like this???  Not my photo…

As Yamauchi got it, it wasn’t enough for him, he’d gone to a jeans shop, had his eyes on a pair of jeans worth over $3,000N.T.s, told the employee, that he didn’t like the color, and as the employee went to look for another color, he’d placed the jeans into his bag, the male employee found that he was shoplifting, he’d tailed him all the way to the Hanzhong, Chengdu Intersections.

The employee grabbed a hold of the man, and the traffic patrol officer outside the MRT saw, and immediately called for backup from the Hanzhong Subprecinct; the police immediately ran out from the station, and took the Japanese man to the station.  The police said, that Yamauchi was cunning, tried to make his escape as the officers let him go to the restroom, but he was subdued immediately, handcuffed on the wrists, and ankles immediately.

Yamauchi first spoke in simple Chinese to the officers, “bought!  Bought!”, but the police found the shoes with the tags still attached from the shop, and contacted the employee to see the surveillance footage, and found that he did, shoplift.  Yamauchi changed his statement, “I didn’t have time, or I would’ve paid”, the case was prosecuted as a theft.

think you can just, walk out with these new shoes???  Think again!  Photo from online…

The D.A. yesterday gave him probation, and that he’d needed to pay a fine of $20,000N.T.’s, and, Yamauchi had about $10,000N.T. and ¥40,000, that he didn’t shoplift because he didn’t have enough money.

So, you got caught, and what was worse that you’d not denied it, you’d attempted to weasel your way out, well, it didn’t work, and, you were here, as a TOURIST, and what?  Did you think that you came in, with a foreign passport, you can just, STEAL?  Think again, loser!


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