The Hardest Part about Convicting the Predatory School Teachers, Having the Children Retell What Happened to Them…

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Justice Amendment Council set up and decided to make adultery not a criminal offense, and the issues of predatory school teachers became heated too.  The D.A., Liang who’d argued the case of a predatory male instructor having raped ten young girls said, that the hardest part about prosecuting was “The children wouldn’t tell what happened”, and that the children would worry that the parents and the D.A.s won’t believe them, or that they were too ashamed, to tell what happened, and the parents also worried that their loved ones will know what happened to their young.

In 2011, the D.A., Liang worked a case where a cram school teacher manager, took the advantage of the time that he took the female elementary students home after school, he’d driven them off somewhere, then, raped them, and photographed the children nude, and the children’s privates; the D.A. later discovered, that there were, a total of at LEAST ten young girls who were victimized, and, the ages ranged from six to eleven.

The very first child who was found to have been raped, was when her mother found something wasn’t right with her and told the police, the very next day, Liang started searching, and the officers used the ultraviolet machines to search for DNA evidence, and found the semen from the predatory teacher on the second row of the bus, and recovered the deleted photos and found nine other victims.

This manager of the courses in a decade’s time, managed to molest a total of ten young girls over two thousand times, and, at his first trial, the judge rendered him a sentence of over 9,000 years, and he was to serve them combined for twenty years’ time.

The predatory instructor had raped long-term, so, how come no children told her parents?  Liang analyzed, that the key lies in whether or not the children were willing to disclose what happened to them to their parents, some worried that the parents wouldn’t believe, because the predatory instructor had a good image, and some parents had even apologized to the predatory instructor, “My child is saying things”; some of the second grade girls didn’t even KNOW what sex was about, let alone understand, that they were, being raped by their teacher.

Especially, the children lacked the ability to keep the evidence, or to articulate what happened to them.  Liang gave the example of how a young girl testified, “The photos were kept in a black, grayish box”, and, the investigators couldn’t find such a box inside th scram school, they were on the verge of giving up, but, they’d found the nude photos on the computers, and that was when the young girl’s words finally made sense.

And, some of the victims didn’t want to go back to when they were being violated, testifying meant reopening the wound; and, there were victims who worried, what their loved ones will think about them after they’d found out, and there was a mother who’d told the families, “I’m taking her to the dentist” to court to testify.

On the key to cracking the case, Liang stressed, that other than the accumulation of the experiences, the police, the social systems, the medical resources should be combined, and allowing the social workers to intervene at fitting times, through the cooperation of the teams, making the cases.

Multiple D.A.s who’d worked the cases related to women and children also stated, that in the process of the investigations, there’s the need for the collaborations of all of the multiple departments.

So, this, is why it’s so difficult, to prosecute these cases, because these kids were violated at a young age, and, they may not know how to testify in front of a judge, but, these D.A.s are working, as hard as they possibly can, to get these god DAMN predators CAUGHT and jailed, but, it’s very difficult, when the victims were so very young!


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