A Woman’s Dreams of Finding Love Busted, She’d Wired Three Million Dollars, to See an African American Male to Pick Up the Drop

The desperate ladies, getting PREYED on!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A female physician in her fifties through a friendship app, met a self-proclaimed rich businessman from Dubai, “Nicholas”, fell in love for he’d poured sweet words down her ears, and was tricked by the man’s claims of wanting her to invest over three million dollars; as she was about to wire another million two days ago, an officer stopped her in time, but, the key members of this scam ring immediately had an African driver, Grayson to pick up the drop, and was arrested right on sight.

who wouldn’t fall for a photo like htis?  Especially if you’re a “Cougar”, without any romance in your lives right now, phoot from online…

The police investigated, that Grayson (age 47) came to Taiwan on “behalf of the Liberian Congress”, had entered into Taiwan using a tourist visa multiple times before, and had stopped here for very short periods of time; the police found Grayson’s behaviors suspicious, and charged him with fraud, sent him to the Keelung D.A.’s office.

The Keelung City’s Police Station External Affairs investigated, that “Nicholas” had zoomed in on single, middle age women online, he’d used the caring methods first, showed cares and concerns toward them, then, asked them to invest with him, until the people he’d scammed were out of money, then, he’d, lost contact.  As the female physician realized that she’d been scammed by a love scam artist, she’d fallen silent.

The Keelung’s police department two days ago received a call from the bankers in the First Community Credit Union, said that a woman in her fifties was planning on wiring almost a million dollars to an offshore account, because the woman had made multiple transfers already, the workers suspected she’d been, scammed; as the officers came to the bank and understood, the woman claimed herself to be a physician, and insisted that she was sending money abroad for an investment, that she was NOT scammed, in the end, at the urging of the officers, she’d decided, to hold off the wires.

As the female physician returned home, she’d replied back to “Nicholas”, that she wasn’t able to wire any more money, the man told her that he will ask someone to pick up the amount in person; the female physician’s friends found it to be odd, and reported it to the police.  Two evenings ago, as Grayson arrived to the home of the female physician, Nicholas texted, “My friend is at your door, please answer the door and hand me the money”, the police immediately showed up, and arrested Gray, he claimed that he was only picking up the money for his friend, that he didn’t know anything else.

with ALL those decorated medals, he must be, a good person, right???  Think AGAIN!!!  Photo found online…

So, this, is how DESPERATE women CAN get, especially for women in their midlife years, they’re lacking that love, and, as someone showed an immense care or concern toward them, they’d, fallen too deeply, and, that, is when the scam artists take advantage of them, the victims here, are equally to blame as the perpetrators, because had the victims not been so desperate, then, there’s, NO chance that they would get scammed, is there?  Nope!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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