A Group of Taiwanese Men Set Up the Night Kings Group, Using the Photos of Good-Looking Men, to Scam Ladies in China

Here’s, one more, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Chen posted photos of a “hottie” on a dating site in China to lure the women from China, and after they fell for him, he’d used the name of needing money for investments, to scam them, in order to hook the ladies for good, Chen had even set up the “Yaoh Group”, bought the books on how to seduce women to train the members of the scam artist ring, the city police two evenings ago, arrested Chen and his party, and found that most of them were chubby, largely build, that they don’t anywhere resemble the characters of “Yaoh” one bit!

the photo of one of the Japenese actor of the show, Yaoh, from online, and, who can say no to this photo, huh?  Especially when you are approaching that age, and becoming more and MORE desperate by the day?  Photo from online…

The police pointed out, that Chen (age 42) wasn’t at all good looking, and most of the other members were, very short and stout, and ugly too, Chen believed, that the international relations with China is in the deep freeze, that it was difficult, for the police to get the information from there, plus, Chen worshipped how the Japanese male publicists can start bringing in the money by talking, so he’d gotten together with six other men just like him, and, copied the storyline of “Yaoh”, and set up a whole lot of headshots of good looking men, to scam women of their money.

The police told, that Chen set up fake accounts on the Chinese dating sites, posted the headshots of good looking men, and bought the “Head male publicist manual on how to get women” as tactile skills, and zoomed in on the established middle age women, then started contacting them, and would show endless care and concerns for them constantly, and set up the image that he was from a rich family, and said that he was looking to marry, to attract women from China, and claimed that there are great investments, hoped that they could put in the money, as a fund for their marriage together, or that he wanted to immigrate to China, to have the women wire the money, there were over a dozen of women from China who fell for this, and he managed to use this method, to get over five million RMBs in just six short months.

another Japanese actor from the show, Yaoh, photo from online…

A while ago, the police were looking into a fraud, and they’d received a tip that Chen and his company had rented a high-end apartment complex as an operations center, they’d sent out the specialty squad to follow them, to ambush, and two days ago, they got their hands on the ledgers, along with the list of the working members of Chen’s scam ring.

After Chen was taken into custody, he’d admitted to fraud, but claimed, that he hadn’t managed to get any money from his scams.

But, the act of scamming makes you GUILTY as charged, and this man still preyed on these women’s need for love, and, because these women from China were just, WAY too desperate, that, is why they’d, fallen for it, and, one more thing, ladies, anybody CAN pose as anybody online, why can’t you all understand that?  Sometimes, the photo of the man you see, isn’t even CLOSE to the individual you’re currently talking to, so, don’t be stupid anymore, stop falling for this sorts of SHIT already, you are, WAY more intelligent than that, and, ALWAYS use your HEADS, when it comes to the matters of love, oh wait, you can’t, you’d allowed your hearts or hormones to take over, that, is why you’re such EASY targets!!!

Here’s another one, easy on the E-Y-E-S!  Photo from online still…pretty boy, isn’t he?


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