The Pains that Brought Out the Creative Genius

How pain can make the experiences in life more meaningful, how it can spark that sense of creativity in each and every one of us, translated…

My friend is putting on an art exhibition, hoped that we can get a group together, to go to see it as support, “No problem!”, the group of us, her best friends all agreed, and we’d promised, that we all would show, my friend was moved to tears.  These couple of years, she who was originally very optimistic, became very fragile and touchy-feely; in a bad marriage, with her husband, cheating so openly in front of her eyes, and the divorce court wouldn’t grant her a divorce, she’d fallen to an all-time low, she’d binge-ate every single day, to rid herself of her anger with friends, but, as the meals were over, loneliness crept into her heart, she’d not had anybody to talk to, and so, she’d, poured her mind and soul into painting, and, now, she’d made so many paintings she’s putting on a show.

朋友要開畫展,希望我們揪團捧場。「那有什麼問題。」姊妹淘一個個義氣相挺,拍胸脯保...illustration from the papers…

I saw her art, the lines she drew was quite bold, bright colors, very bright, for those who don’t know her personally, they may think that it was done by a woman in love, and that strong sense of joy was like a secret that’s burst out.  Why was there such a contrast to her art and her as a person?  She’d answered me, using the example of Monet once, the master was poverty stricken, lost his child, his wife, and became blind, he’d still kept painting, until the very last moment of his life, left behind, a countless number of masterpieces, the creativity that came forth, out of such strong pain.  My friend told me, that as she felt trapped by her own miseries, it was when she’s most inspired to create, if she didn’t use art as her outlet, she’d totally become wounded on the inside; her failed marriage, her getting stuck in the current situations, it’d made her feel that her life has no hope, and so, she’d used the brighter colors, to make up for what was lacking in her own reality.

It’d reminded me of the book, by Chien Sima, who’d spoken abruptly and offended the emperor, and got castrated, he’d once wanted to kill himself, but recalled how he still had yet, to fulfill his own father’s dying wishes, he’d vowed to work even harder, and, finally, became a very LOUD voice, and finished this masterpiece, “Historic Tales”.  This showed, that pain isn’t necessarily all bad, especially those sorts of deepest kinds of pains one endured in life, it can, spark that endless possibility of creative genius.

Many years ago, I’d visited the man, Hong Chen diagnosed with ALS, he’d lain straight down, can’t talk, can’t move his hands, can’t walk, and can only use the communications board held by his caretaker, and pointed out the phonetic letters to spell, and, as we visited, we’d needed to watch his eyes, to know which alphabet was what he was saying, and immediately, writing it down, and showed it to him, if we got it right, his eyes would roll upward, if not, he’d, stared, straight ahead.  This sort of a slow, letter by letter writing, in the eleven years, he’d written a total of seven books, with a total of 350,000 characters, which made the world record.

Think about it, a Chinese character is, spelled, with two, to three phonetic alphabets, and the four sound choices, how many times must he blink, to finish “speaking” one single word?  Isn’t it tiring?  Wouldn’t he feel strained?  I’d asked his wife who was close, looking after him, she said, he kept blinking, and blinking, and blinking, until he’d lost control of that reflex, he couldn’t even close his eyes when he wanted to sleep, how can it not be painful?  But he’d still, kept writing, “because he wanted the world to know, that if someone like he can do it, so can the rest of you.”, it’d made me, who is bodily capable, but too lazy, feel so ashamed of myself.

Whether it be writing or painting, the more pain you’re in, the better the work you’re able to create.  In the past, as well as in the future, this had been, proven true.  And even so, I hope, that my friend won’t be in pain for too long.

So, this, is how the experiences of pains in one’s life helps inspire the individual to become artistically creative, in writing, as well as art too, or in any forms of self-expression, because pain, is what gives your life that depth, and, with that depth, you have something you need to say to the world…


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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