The Cruelties of the Animal Performances

Makes you think twice, before you set foot into a zoo, a circus, or an aquarium now, doesn’t it???  Translated…

Mimi Chou really hated the noises.  And so, ALL of the anti-animal performances claims, the one that moved her the most was “the dolphin kept inside the tanks, the volume of noises they make, is probably like a person inside a karaoke box.”

Which would you rather see, this???  photo from online…

And this, was the most important, of ALL the reasons why we should ban the animal shows.  We normally would say, that these sorts of performances is against the animals’ natural instincts, using the cruel methods to train them, to breed them inhumanely, the performance environment wasn’t fitting to hearing sensitive creatures such as whales and dolphins.  Once I’d read a scientific paper, pointed out how in the dolphins that relied on sonar, being raised in a confine of a tank, is like they’re, weathering through the never-ending echoing of sounds, imagine this, if we are forced, to stay, for twenty-four hours inside a small night club, or a karaoke box, how would we feel?

This question to me and Mimi Chou who was also afraid of noises, is way too personal.  For us, domestication is no longer about how the dolphins were mistreated by the sea parks, or that if they’re not performing, to NOT subject them to the cruel treatments of training, and the pressures of training anymore, “living in a confined space”, this, is not fitting to the biology of the dolphins’ body makeup.

I suppose, that Mimi Chou had been wondering about this for a long time, one day, she’d told me seriously, “Mom, the fifth graders’ fieldtrip is to Sea World, I want to take a leave of absence on the day I have the field trip in fifth grade.”  I asked her, surprised, “You wouldn’t mind giving up spending time with your classmates?”, she shook her head, told, “it’s okay, I don’t want to let the owner make more money, so he could get more dolphins.”

I was very moved, continued, “Then, mom promise you, when you’re entered fifth grade, and on the day of the field trip, mommy will take a break, and that day will be our date, we don’t go to see the dolphins in captivity, instead, let’s go on a ship, to see the whales instead, to see those dolphins in the open seas.”

Later, this pact we’d made came true early, on Mimi Chou’s birthday this year, we went out to sea with a group of friends, saw the pods of the bottlenose and another species of dolphin, they were in groups, dancing in the waves, the attendant who’s well-knowledgeable explained to us the dolphins’ character, the biology, the environment of the nearby areas in the ocean, completely unrelated to how in the animal performances, when these animals were deemed as cute or intelligent, that is when, they were pushed to do things not fitting to their instincts.

I truly hope, that we will be without the angles of considerations of man one day; for rationalizing that the sakes of the animals were performing, because they are cute, we should let this be an example, used to teach the kids about cruelty to animals.  But in actuality, we’d not done anything, to make sure that these sorts of places to become extinct, instead, people are still catching, manually breeding, selling and buying, trading these animals, and these animals will sometimes get used as a sort of leverage to establish the international relations, and the panda being the best example of this.  In twisting the natural order of things, how can we truly, understand these animals?

or this???swimming in the Caribbeans, wild and free?  Photo from online…

So, this, is from the humane angle, of viewing how these animals were being kept, surely, people probably wouldn’t mistreat these performance animals, as they are, the people’s livelihood, but, compared to seeing these creatures in the wild, in their natural habitat, it’s still very cruel, considering how the animals should be roaming in the wild, being free, living THEIR lives, instead of jumping through the hoops, to get a carrot!


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