He’d Harassed Her Multiple Times…She’d Asked the Police to Protect Her…the Angered Boyfriend Wounded His Girlfriend, and Took the Leap Off the Building in Front of the Officers

Another love that’s turned, DEADLY, resulting in injury, and it’s still ALL due to how a loser wouldn’t let go!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The thirty-three year-old Liu started dating a woman, Chen, who was in the process of getting divorced from her husband, they moved in together, and lived in a rental home together in Sanchong, Hsinbei City together for a little over a month, he’d suspected that she’d taken up with another man, got physically violent with her, was kicked out of the residence, yesterday, he was overcome with anger, and used a knife, stabbed Chen to seriously wounding her, Liu said, “I’m sorry!”, then, in front of the officers, he’d, taken the leap off the building, ended his own life.

The police investigated, that Chen who was handicapped, was in the midst of a divorce from her husband.  She’d moved to an add-on place on the fifth floor of an apartment in Sanchong, and had her new boyfriend, Liu move in with her.

Liu became suspicious often that Chen was seeing another, and would physically abuse her often, the two of them argued so very loudly that it’d alarmed the neighbors from time to time, and so, Chen kicked Liu out.  In recent days, Liu had flipped the walls to Chen’s place and made a huge scene, kicked at the doors, the neighbors couldn’t handle it, they’d reported this to the man in charge of the local borough, as well as the landlord, and called the police too, as the police arrived each and every time, Liu was already gone.

Three days ago, Chen filed for a restraining order, reported Liu’s violence on her again, claimed that he’d come to harass her again, and had attempted to rape her.  But, at around two in the afternoon yesterday, the police got a call that there were arguments in Chen’s place, the officer, Wu rushed over immediately, and bumped into the landlord, who was about to head upstairs to get the records of the electricity usage, they both went upstairs, and heard the arguing.

The landlord unlocked, as the officer entered, they he saw Liu taking a fruit knife and stabbed at Chen’s chest, the officer, Wu hollered out, “Stop it!  Come outside!”, and after he was able to get the fruit knife from Liu, as he went to check on Chen, Liu had already made his way to behind him.

Wu saw a weakened whisper of “I’m sorry!”, and turned around, saw Liu sitting on the connective walls, leaning backwards, Wu attempted to grab Liu, and he was only able to touch Liu’s feet, and, he’d fallen off the building, right in front of the landlord and the officer, and he’d shown no sign of life as the paramedics rushed him to the hospital.  Chen had four puncture wounds on her chest, slashes on her arm, she was still semiconscious as she was being lifted to NTU Hospital, she was still in critical condition right now.

So, the start of this may have been the argument, and the man’s leaping may have been out of guilt of stabbing his girlfriend, and, their relationship HAD been violent, as the neighbors reported hearing them arguing and getting physically violent with one another, but, nobody reported anything, and, had someone actually knocked on their doors, this may have turned out differently, but, because we’re all, too kept, to our own business, we don’t want to bother ourselves with someone else’s problems that is why, this tragedy had, gotten to where it’d gotten to!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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