The Fathers Would Answer to Anything Their Children Asked

Appreciation for fathers, from sons, who’d now, become, fathers themselves, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

On the eve of Father’s Day, my old friends and I started talking about our fathers who are no longer alive.

Chen, the professor recollected, “my father was a physician, works at a clinic in the countryside, every New Year’s, he’d gotten into the habits of burning stuff, I’d originally thought they were waste papers, but, as I’d taken a closer look, it was the bills of his patients’”.

like this???  Not my silhouette…

Liang mentioned, “one evening, a tricycle parked in front of our house, and not left, my father went out, and learned, that the cycler’s son tested into a private college in Taipei, and he was having difficulties, coming up with the $6,000N.T. he’d needed for registration, without saying another word, my father took $10,000N.T. out, and told him to pay for his son’s registration, that the $4,000N.T. that’s left can be used as the money for leaving.  As the next semester came around, before the man came to my father to ask for the loans again, my father delivered the money to him in person before.”

Wang said, in a heartfelt manner, “Every year, as I took my family back home to visit, my room was so clean and bright, and, many years later, I’d learned, that my father who is over seventy, began cleaning it up himself a week before we were scheduled to arrive home.”

My father is a police officer, as I was naughty and skipped school and got caught by him, I would’ve earned myself a good old fashion butt whooping, but something impressed me, that I can’t forget to this very day.  It was an early morning during the winters, he’d placed me in that small bamboo seat at the front of his bike, took me out, whistling, my small body was embraced by his rough and strong arms, with the cold wind in my face, I’d not felt cold at all.”

watching over his young…not my photo…

Huang told, “the role of father, other than being strong as livestock, toward the children’s demands, we’d fulfilled every last one, and every now and then, we’d become, their, life-size dolls too!”

Some say, “home” is the father’s kingdom, the mother’s world, children’s playground, on this special occasion, I wish, all the fathers out there, ruling in their separate realms, happy, blessed, and healthy.

So, maybe, when you were younger, you’d lacked that appreciation for your fathers, for what they did, to provide for you and your families, but as you’d gotten older, become fathers yourselves, you’d started to, appreciate them more and more, that is, IF you have good fathers, not like me!

being a good listener to his own son, offering sound advices…photo from online


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