He’d Sold Mineral Oils as Pesticides, and Made Millions of Dollars Per Year, His Wife Was Diagnosed with Cancer, and He Was without a Job, So, He’d, Broken the Laws

Although he did commit a crime, but he had, a very good reason to, out of necessity!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Chang-Rong Enterprises repackages the low priced mineral oils, and sold it off high as pesticides, and for over two years, the company had sold over 3,000 barrels, and earned over two million dollars in profits; the man responsible for the operations of the company, Hsiao claimed that he was living off of the government paid retirement fees, but because his wife was diagnosed with cancer, putting the strains on the family economics, that, was why he’d, chosen to sell off the mineral oils as pesticides.

The Taichung District Court gave him seven months for breaking the laws of pesticide usage, and fined him one million dollars, but, they took into considerations that he’d admitted to wrongdoing, so put him on probation for three years, and that he’d needed to pay the government $100,000N.T. in fines.

The investigations unit found, that Hsiao, started in October of 2012, began importing low cost mineral oils, and, masking the imported mineral oils up as pesticides made by a certain chemical company, and sold the 18-kilogram barrels for $770N.T.’s per keg, until he was busted in March of 2015, in the time, he’d sold about 3,000 barrels already.

The judge believed, that the toxicology unit of the Department of Agriculture tested that 95 percent of the pesticides that Hsiao sold was mineral oil, it wasn’t extracted, and it didn’t get registered, and if used long term in the farms, the fields, it may cause pollution in the soils and environment, and found him guilty of laws of misuses of agricultural pesticides, but, considering that he didn’t have any priors, and admitted to wrongdoing, the courts gave him a warning, and believed, that he wouldn’t do it again, and gave him probation.

So, this man was, pressed by his own economics, he wasn’t trying to scam, or to make more money for himself, he was trying to make enough money to take care of his own wife, that, was why he was only, given a light sentence.


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