He Was Their Nanny for Sixty Years, the Great Grandfather Raised a “DOZEN Grandchildren”

The devotion of this man, for his family is simply, amazing, from the Newspapers, translated…

The eighty-one year-old Ke in Nantou, wasn’t just the only traditional weaving expert locally, he’d also managed to raise up a “dozen” of grandchildren in his sixty years of life, and even as he’s now, a great grandfather, he still couldn’t stop working as a “nanny”, showing how persistent the nature of the natives are, he’d received the accolades for Model Father in Ren-Ai County, but he also reflected the situation of cross-generation caretaking in the distant areas.

Ke was a born and raised member of the Seediq tribe, after he married, he had a daughter and a son, worked on the farms with his wife, originally he was supposed to retire as his children grow up and get married, but, his son-in-law died young, and, he became the sole caretaker for his own grandson.

81歲柯明成(右2)帶大「一打孫」,與親友開心上台接受仁愛鄉模範父親表揚。 圖/...the elderly man, receiving the awards for being an outstanding father by the local community, photo from UDN.com

The person in charge of his village, Pan said, that without his son-in-law, the grandchild was without anybody to look after him, going to school in Puli, Ke can drive, so, decided that he would help take his grandson to and from school for his daughter, and looked after, and taught the grandson everything he needed to know, and, he’d left the farming to his wife, and when the farming season was busy, then, he’d gone up to the plantations to help his wife out.  It’s just, that since his wife passed, as he’d become, a great grandfather, he still carried the responsibility, for looking after his own great grandchild.

The local representative, Hong pointed out, that Ke has a total of six grandkids from both his son and daughter, and one of the grandson was divorced, he’d worried that his grandson was working too hard, and nobody was taking care of his great grandchild, and he is still able-bodied, he’d driven to and fro, chauffeured his great grandchild to and from school, and, had even made the formulas for his bottles, and he’d taken care of, raised up a total of a dozen grandchildren AND great grandchildren, the oldest great grandchild is twenty-one this year.

“Great grandpa is gentle”, Chiu, the great grandson from his daughter’s side told, that great grandfather would sometimes, get very busy, passing down the cultures, but, he’d still, shown them a ton of affections, and to this day, he’d made them milk from formulas to drink, that it’d been, trying on him; Ke wasn’t really fluent in Mandarin, he’d only shyly stated, “it wasn’t trying at all, I feel very blessed”.

This, is the devotions of this man shown, to his children, his grandchildren, as well as his great grandchildren, and this, is exactly the sort of family values we’re in need more of today.  This man is an excellent example, of what amazing fathers looked like!


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