A Predator Barged into the Suite of Donghai University Business Park, Held a Couple for Four Hours Hostage

So much mess, in this world right now!  And the motives of this hostage situation was?  Oh yeah, M-O-N-E-Y!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Cheng, was suspected of lacking spending money, two days ago, he’d followed a college age female and went into her suite in Donghai University Business Park, held her and her boyfriend, Hsu hostage for four hours on end.  In order to save his girlfriend, Hsu lured Cheng out of the suite, and managed to untie himself, and fought Cheng off with a fire extinguisher, both men were, severely, wounded.  Cheng was arrested by the officers who came, because of his injuries, he was taken to the ICU, the D.A. will wait until he was stabilized, to ask him what had happened.

like this?  Not my photo…

The female college student who was victimized said, that she didn’t know Cheng, they’d bumped into one another in the staircases, he’d used a knife and threatened her to get back into her apartment, and as he’d gotten in the door, he’d asked her for money.  In the process of holding her and her boyfriend hostage, the perpetrator kept complaining, “All the money in Taiwan was earned out by the foreign workers”; she’d told, that her and her boyfriend called for help, but, no neighbors paid them any heed, until the boyfriend started in a physical altercation with the man, then, someone helped them called the police.

The police stated, that the twenty-one-year-old female victim and her boyfriend, Hsu didn’t go to Donghai University, they both attended another college close by, and rented an apartment suite together in the business park area of Donghai University.  The suspect, Cheng (age 29) was from Chiayi, two days ago at around four, he’d followed the female college student into the apartment, and saw Hsu in the suite too.  Cheng used a knife and controlled them both and after duct taping Hsu’s hands, he’d robbed the female college student of the few hundred dollars she had, and threatened her with his knife, and molested her too.

At 8:30 in the evening two evenings ago, Hsu told Cheng, “I’d left my wallet in the basement where I parked my motorcycle”, attempted to lure Cheng away, Cheng had originally wanted to take the female college student with him to retrieve the money, Hsu took the advantage and broke himself free, picked up the fire extinguisher, and started wrangling Cheng with a knife, as the other tenants heard the raucous, they’d opened up the doors, and found them both, covered in blood, and immediately called the police.

Both men suffered injuries, and were resuscitated.

So, this man only wanted money, and, this just shows, how this randomization of selecting a victim is occurring, you don’t necessarily need to have offended, or gotten on the bad side of someone, and this happened.


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