The Children’s Books Found Their Ways into the Prison Libraries, the Inmate Read to His Son in His Lap

Children’s books here, became a medium, which allowed the inmates to connect better with their children, from the Newspapers, translated…

Father’s Day is next Tuesday, to help the inmates in prison have a get-together with their families, the Hsinbei City’s Wanli library branch prepared over 400 volumes of children’s books, and sent them over to the family day event at Keelung Prison, and had set up a picnic blanket, so everybody can sit down on the floors, the children lay in their fathers’ laps, listening to the stories, and had a unique Father’s Day outing.

基隆監獄懇親會上,萬里圖書館提供400冊童書,讓受刑人和小孩一同閱讀。 圖/新北...a man, reading an illustrated book with his young son, photo from…

At around two in the afternoon yesterday, the Wanli branch set up a picnic reading corner at the gathering, as the inmates saw their loved ones, they’d started flashing their radiant smiles, and there were children who’d hollered aloud, “Long time no see, daddy!”, they’d gone and selected the books to read together, sat down for their picnics, and storytelling sessions, the families got along like never before.

The inmate, Lin recalled, “It’s been a long time, since I was able to, read the stories to my children”, reading and telling the stories to his children had reduced the distance between him and his young, and, it’d, connected them more than before; he’d promised, that after his release, he will spend more time with his children, to make up the lacking of his presence in his child’s life as he was serving his time in prison.

基隆監獄昨舉辦懇親會,受刑人和小孩一同閱讀童書。 圖/新北圖書館提供another father, who got a chance, to spend some time, reading to his young son, photo from…

So, this would be, a very good program, it helps motivate the inmates, to behave themselves so they can get released sooner, and, hopefully, seeing their children and reading stories to them will help them stay on the right tracks, and reduce the return rates back to prison again!


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