Love’s Expressions

On the expressions of love, translated…

My child’s asleep, the heated air of the summer nights attacked, from underground, slowly, seeped into the room, from outside the house, the ceiling fan slowly turned, I’d, stroked my child’s face, when he wakes up again, my little boy will be six.孩子睡了,夏夜的氣息悄悄從地底襲來,從窗外漫進房裡,吊扇溫柔地轉著,輕撫孩子的臉...from the papers…

Taken out the craft materials, I’d gone to my son’s desks to find the markers, I’d looked up 3-D cards online.  Can’t recall, how long it’d been, since I last made a handmade card, I’d researched for a long time, and selected one that will present a birthday cake as the card is opened up, and then, I’d, started, cutting and coloring, and gluing, and it’d, reminded me of how my son was, so focused, sitting at his desk, drawing.

In these past two years, my son had, surprised me with a ton of his creations on my nightstands, my desks.  As he’d learned how to draw hearts, I’d received heart-shaped papers and card of an assortment of sizes and colors; then, he’d learned to draw figures, and, he’d started drawing mom and himself onto the cards; as he’d learned to write his own name, he’d started, signing the cards.  Recently, he’d learned to write the character for “Mom”, it’s just, that he’d, mixed up the placement of the parts of the characters.  Being very artistic, he’d spent more and more time at his small desk, and continued, to make more and more cards for his mom, dad, and older brother too, using everything he’d learned, to express his love.

A while ago, he’d asked, “Mommy, can you make me a card?  I want to get one from you too.” that was when I discovered, that how my son expressed his love, was like a secret code, and he’d, longed for us, to express our love toward him like so.  It’s just, that the busyness of days, kept compressing my thoughts of being calmed down, sitting down, to make the cards.  And this time, it was, my turn, to make him an extravagant birthday card.  I’d drawn a lot of cute figures on the card, and, imagined how excited he will be, as he receives it from me, and reviewed over how he’d sent me every one of his handmade cards.

more thoughtful, than the store-bought varieties, isn’t it?  Not my photo…

In the birthday of the past years, we’d, spent it too simply, took him to buy a small piece of cake, and, after the suppers, the whole family sat around the tables, and sang him happy birthday, then had him blown out the candles, and he’d always smiled that shy and satisfying smile at us.  This sort of a ritual seemed magical, the very next day, he’d confidently, did things that a boy who’s older does.  I’d remembered how the very next day after his second birthday, he’d dropped his diapers, declared, “I’m two now, I will NEVER need to be in diapers again”, and then, he’d, taught himself to use the toilet dramatically.

This year it was just like the past, we’d planned that on his birthday, we’re all going to do something with him that he liked, allowing him, to be the primary concern of the house for one day, then, have cake, and blow out the candles with him.

Although there’s no huge party with all the friends and families, but there’s that, unique code of love for my son, it’d made him experience the love he knows how to experience, to celebrate his getting a year older, I think, this is also, the meaning of a birthday.  To have the children learn to love, and feel loved, having it become the nutrition for his life, this code of love, will also, help the children, to stay firm, and not lose her/himself as he gets older.

Here’s another, photo from online…with the surprises on the inside of the card…

It’s late now, and that card that took everything I had was finally, completed, and the heat slowly, disappeared.  My child, thank you, you’d become, the best present of my life, since the day you were born.

So, this, is how this family express love to one another, with the handmade cards, and, that, is how this little boy was, receptive to love, by having his family make something by hand for him, as he’d also, made the cards himself, to show his parents, as well as his older brother, that he loved them too.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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