As a Man Was Verbally Insulted,“You’re GUTLESS, Do You Even Have Any Weapons You Know How to Use”, He’d Gotten Angered and Killed Someone with Whom He was an Acquaintance with

From the years of insults, bullying that accumulated, and this man who had been targeted in his younger years finally, CRACKED!!! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Jiang yesterday in a pool hall in Zhubei, murdered an old acquaintance from high school, Hu; the police investigated and found, that Jiang had severed Hu’s carotid and collar bone with one hack, and after Hu fell to the ground, he’d continued hacking him four times; the surveillance inside the pool hall captured the no more than a minute’s violence.  After Jiang turned himself in, he’d claimed, that he was long-term verbally insulted, that yesterday morning after he got drunk, and was called, “gutless, do you even have a gun?”, that was what drove him to buy the knife, and hacked his old acquaintance.

The police investigated, that the man, Jiang (age 34) from Zhubei City in Hsinchu and Hu (age 37) frequented the poolhall, yesterday morning the two of them were drinking together and had an altercation, Jiang felt angered and so, at around ten in the morning, he’d spent $275 N.T.s, bought a watermelon knife, brought it to the pool hall, hidden it under the pool table.

At around two in the afternoon, Hu entered into the poolhall, he’d sat down first to take a rest, Jiang took the advantage of Hu having his back to him, took out the knife he’d stashed earlier, and, HACKED Hu behind his back, after Hu fell to the ground, he’d hacked him continually for four more times, then, he’d thrown the murder weapon into the dumpster and fled.

The police reviewed the surveillance, which captured the murder precisely, within just one hour after Jiang had made his escaped, he’d returned to the pool hall on his own, and turned himself in.  Jiang told the police, that Hu had been verbally insulting him for multiple years, he’d felt insulted, and early yesterday morning, he was called “gutless”, and “you got a knife, a gun?  Come on then!”, that was what angered him, and he got a knife, and committed the murder.

The police pointed out, that what killed the victim was the wound on the right side of his neck and shoulders, and the very first hack on the back was more than four inches long, the collar bone and the carotid were severed, even the windpipe was torn too, it’d caused massive bleeding, and after the victim fell to the ground, he was hacked on the front and back of his torso four more times, as he was lifted to the hospital, he had already died, and even after emergency resuscitation, he still wasn’t saved.  After the police interrogated the suspect, he was booked for murder.

So, can you imagine how much ANGER, resentment, must’ve accumulated, for someone to HACK someone to DEATH, with so much brute force?  And, this man who’d murdered his high school acquaintance, we can only imagine, how badly he must’ve been bulled by the victim, but, he did, lost control, and KILL the person who’d bullied him in cold blood, so, he wasn’t the victim here.





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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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