A Man Who Was an Inmate Learned the Trade of Traditional Chinese Opera, Learned the Dance Steps of Michael Jackson, Found a Brand New Life as a Performer

Having a viable skill, after his release will, greatly reduce the chances of him, going back into the prison again, from the Newspapers, translated…

The 29-year-old released inmate, “An” from the Tai-Yuan Skills Training Academy passed his certification for street artist in Taidong, he dressed himself up fashionably, danced like Michael Jackson, performed hip-hop, and combined it with the traditional Chinese opera skills of mask change, the audience went wild, he successfully got his certifications as a street performer.

An was the only released inmate in Taidong who knew how to dance the traditional Chinese opera style with hip-hop, he’d taken off the hat that covered half his face, said bashfully, “If I did well, I’ll be out of prison in nine year the soonest, during this time, I want to get better with my skills, and, I’d wanted to teach the middle school dropouts, and used my own life experience as an example of what not to do.”

An started serving his time at age twenty-one, squandered away the best years of his youth in prison.  He said, back when he was younger, he was way too rash, didn’t think at all, gone in and out of juvenile halls, and had been placed under probation, and had served his alternative military terms in the prison systems, he’d not needed the warnings, and, he was sent to prison for robbery for nineteen years after he was discharged from his alternative service terms.

a performance of what this article was about, video from youtube

The Tai-Yuan Skills Academy recently had the traditional Chinese opera skill of switch masks, after “An” was sent here, he’d gotten involved with the skills to perform the mask changes, art, as well as religion, he’d slowly, become, more and more stabilized.

He said, he’d joined in the performing gangs before he was sent to prison, he’d encountered the traditional Chinese operas there, and it was easier, for him, to pick up the art of switching the masks for him.  Once he’d watched a video and trained himself, found, that someone was doing the moonwalk while doing the switches of the masks, felt it was interesting, “but I think there ought to be more variations, it would be even more attractive.”

And so, he’d, mixed the dance music together, and set up a choreographed dance, combined it with the traditional Chinese opera mask changes, became the only inmate in the six prisons in Taidong, who knew how to perform this skill set.

At the once-a-week entertainment time, An was always seen, practicing his skills, “Time is limited, I can’t just take the breaks as I wished to”.  His talents were seen by the corrections facility, and had been asked to perform during various events, “Once I’d gone on stage to perform during the family days, my parents were watching, they’d felt that I’d become, better, they’d moved me with the way they were looking at me.”

So, this, is a GREAT program, that helps these inmates, from returning BACK into the prison systems after being released, and, this inmate serving his time had, found a skill, an interest, that he kept perfecting, and, if he is just as driven after his release from the system as he had become right now, skies would be, his limits.


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