What I’d Learned from These Parents

How children would, model after their parents, how the parents needed to, put in the heart, to teach their own young, about the meaning of giving back to the community, translated…

The downpour from a short while ago, it’d, torn up the roads behind my house that took me up the hillside.  Not only that it wasn’t easy going up or down that slope, it’s also, very slippery, the local residents started up the “let’s fix the roads up ourselves” act.  Those who got involved had to take their own tools, like shovels, buckets, dustpans, etc., etc., etc., as for the bricks and the concrete, it was said, to have been put up by the older frequent hikers.

like this???  Not my photo.

These couple of days, when the weather stopped raining, everybody headed up the slopes; some cleaned away the mud, some set the fallen trees upright, and tied the supporting racks to them, some paved the sand and the pebbles for the roads.  Although everybody was sweating like crazy, but we’re all, very happy, helping out.

That day, I’d found, that of those who’d come to help, there was a couple of about forty years old, with a young boy of about ten.  As the parents busied themselves, passing the gravel and the sand, this young boy who’s tall and thin hummed, and cleaned up the way with his small shovel.  He was really impressive, being so young, yet, he’d given everything into helping out, it seemed, that he was, experienced in doing this already.

As we’re half way done, the afternoon thundershower came, everybody washed her/his hands and feet, sat in the gazebo to rest, then, we’d started up conversation with one another, turns out, that the family had come on a hiking trip on the weekends, and found us fixing up the roads, and decided to join in the line.

influences that starts at a young age…not my photo…

We’d commended the little boy for how able-bodied he was, they’d smiled and told, maybe, it was because as they’d taken him to volunteer on the weekends that he’d, picked it up.

As I saw the child finishing up working, how he’d washed up the shovels, so someone else can have it to use cleaned, I’m sure, that this boy will grow up to be a very responsible man.  Think on it, what positive values had his parents instilled into him, from a young age, they’d taken their child to volunteer, using an alternative way to teach him, and enjoy the joys of being able to give back to the communities.

So, these are, amazing parents, who’d taught their son the right values, by being role models for him themselves, and, we need more of these sorts of individuals in the world, especially today, more than before!  And, this young boy will grow up, to be responsible, and a good man, because he was raised, by his parents’ good examples.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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