The Burn Victims: If Heaven Won’t Take Us, Then, We Shall, Live Our Lives Well

Reflections, from the GAS explosion that occurred three years ago, from the Newspapers, translated…

Late on the night of July 31, 2014, to the early morning hours of the following day, there was, the most serious gas explosion in history in Kaohsiung, with the fatalities of thirty-two, and 273 seriously injured.

It’s been three years since, 85 percent of the injured or wounded had, returned back to their workplace before, but, there are still portions of the seriously wounded who are going through painful surgeries, bearing the pains, going to rehab.

The Social Services Department in Kaohsiung stated, that of the 273 who were injured, sixty-four were severely wounded, and because the labor department in Kaohsiung had stepped in, and compensated the owners of business, and the workers to, to return to the workforce, and even as the injured persons became immobilized, the labor department had hoped that the organizations can fit the workers to other duties on the job, and, the fifteen-percent who still hadn’t returned to work yet are still, fighting to heal.

the wills to survive is so strong here!  Photofrom online…

Like the owner of a motorcycle shop, Hsu, suffered severe burns, and needed to be amputated, his bent fingers couldn’t hold the steering wheels straight, he’d sunk into the troughs of his own life once, then, he’d, changed his thoughts, “The heavens won’t take me, then, I shall, live my life to the fullest!”, and with the company and support from his loved ones, after working hard in rehab for one and a half years, he can now, hold the steering wheel with both hands, and drive his families out on trips.

“Back then, I was only a month and a half away from getting discharged.”, Chen, who’d served an alternative service term as a firefighter, after getting through ten painstaking surgeries, and felt, “how unlucky!”

look at how beautifully she smiled!  Photo from online…

Now, three years later, Chen slowly walked out of the valleys of life, having a hobby in photography, he’d planned to have an exhibition, and tell the story of the survivors of the Ba-Sien amusement park accident, as well as the gas explosions in Kaohsiung too.

So, these, are the stories of human spirits, no matter how much trial they were under, they’d still, fought hard, to survive, made their life experiences meaningful, and that, is something we can all learn from, their attitude of approach in surviving the trials in their lives!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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