The Reduction of Foster Families by Half Over the Past Decade Was Caused by the Lack of Funding and Hardships in Looking After the Children

Trending now, from the Newspapers, translated…

It’d become, more and more difficult, caring for the children who were abandoned, or abused in foster care, the foster care families in various cities and counties were, reduced by half over the course of these past ten years, there were three counties or cities, with less than ten foster families registered, plus there was a high exit rate, difficulties in matching children up with the families, it’d caused great headaches for the Children Fund for Family Organization.

The Department of Sanitary Welfare estimated, that up to last year, there were, 1,299 foster families that are working, serving a total of 1,622 children in need, and, there were, 278 families that were being prepared to be a part of the foster care systems, compared to 303 families from two years ago.  There were, three counties of cities that had less than ten foster families registered, there’s, this difficulty, in coupling the children up with the families fitting for them now.

And, there’s, also, that reduction of monetary support from the government, and, without it, most families aren’t willing to, have that extra expense, caring for someone else’s child, and this, will create a HUGE problem, because, what happens, to these children who are in need, to get placed into foster care, because their families of origins had, lost their normal functioning?


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