The Children without Their Parents, They’d Needed Time Away Too…

For the welfare of these children, translated…

The losses of foster care families is faster than the speed to which the families signed onboard, the manager of the Hsinchu chapter of Fund for Children& Family, Shen sighed, that there is more pressure in the foster care families right now, the burn out rate is faster compared to before, plus, many of the senior foster care families are retiring, there’s need for new families to get involved with the program.

Shen said, in the earlier years, the children in the foster care systems are mostly temporary, because of the deaths of parents, and, the foster children from thirty years ago mostly came out of orphanages, and now, this group of children are being looked after by close relatives.  After the welfare laws for children started working, the foster families mainly looked after children from abusive backgrounds, or children who were abandoned.

like these???  Photo from online…

Shen believed, that with the ratio of children being abused on the rise, they may carry their former behaviors into the families, and the foster care families would need that period of adjustment to learn to get along, and, there are multifaceted problems as the children get older, the foster care families would have to have more patience, to look after the children, which is the primary cause of more families dropping out faster, than those who are signing on.

Shen said, take for instance, the Hsinchu District, there is currently 53 families in the programs, but, a portion of the families signed to take a year’s break from the program, because the process of taking care of these children, truly, isn’t easy, a lot of adults would need time off, to recharge, to begin again.

they may have taken on too much, they just, don’t quite know it yet…photo from online…

So, there’s, this HIGH burnout rate of the foster families, and yet, there are, more and more children that are getting into the systems by the day, and, this caused this, imbalance, and unless you have a ton of love, a ton of patience, with family members who supported you completely, there’s, NO way possible, that you can go at this alone, even IF you’d started, wanting to help these children out, you’d still, get burned out, soon enough!


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