The Disappearance of the Elderly Who Lived Alone

All you see, is the result, but you don’t know the whole story, and that was why, you’d felt sorry for those people, translated…

One day the social worker came to our community, flustered, because the residents said they hadn’t seen him in a long while.  From before, he’d gone around and asking for things, and everybody in the neighborhood knows him, although it was troublesome, but, his not showing up alarmed the community too.  Gladly, it was, only, a false alarm, he was only too weak that he’d become, bedridden that’s all.  I hoped that he gets better soon, and that his children are willing to look after him.  He originally had a job too, but he fell ill, and got worse, his children seemed to have, disowned him, and this situation reminded me of the book “Lowlife Elderly” from a Japanese author.

下流老人 的圖片結果the elderly who lives like this…photo from online…

“Lowlife elderly”, it’s a new phrase, not of behavior, but the indicators of how the economics were straining for the elderly in the bottom half of the socioeconomic statuses.  The author stated three primary causes: low income, not enough savings, nobody to depend on; so they’d usually lived alone, even after they’d died, nobody knew.  And, they’d never imagined that this would be how rough their elderly years would be, because only those who don’t have plans, who lived life so carelessly ended up like so.  Life is everchanging, maybe, an illness struck, that they were made, to pay a very high medical price for it, or the children who were impacted by their parents couldn’t make their own ends meet.

The elderly situation in that book is happening, in my community, but gladly, everybody was kind enough, to keep an eye out for him, this is, truly, the most beautiful scenery in Taiwan.  I truly hope, that those who are down on their lucks, don’t isolate themselves, and those with loved ones can lower themselves, and ask for help; and everybody start caring about someone else’s businesses other than our own, more care and concerns can reduce the chances of occurrences of tragedies.

without the money saved up, for one’s own elderly years…not my picture…

Warmth is a two-way street, pay attention to those around you, giving them encouragements, and even as life gets hard, we will all have what it takes, to carry us on farther.

So, this, is getting serious, but, because we only see how those elderly who are left alone on their own ended up (alone and on their own), without knowing in depth, that maybe, they’d, done something to their own young, like abandoning them when they were growing up, which is why, nobody ever gives a SHIT about them now?  But, the writer has a point, if we can show a little more extra care and concern for other people THAN ourselves, then, this would be a better world for sure!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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