Using the Crystalized Sugar, Masking it as Meth, the Police Went Undercover as Buyers, and Caught People Right in the Acts

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

How dare they attempted to trick the officers!  As the police department of Changhwa was doing an online sweep, they’d found someone sending messages of buying and selling illegal substances within a group of a communication app, and they’d posed as users and logged on and bought substances from Chien and Wu, and when the deliveries were taking place, they’d, busted them, but after they’d tested the substances, they’d found that the “crystal meth” the two men were selling were just crystalized sugar that their plans of cheating the buyers made them dodge the drug charges, but, instead, they’d gotten prosecuted for fraud.

The Changwha District Courts gave Chien (age 21) and Wu (age 39) four and three months respectively for fraud, they can both pay a fine and not serve the time.  The verdict stated, that the two men were in their primes, and should be using right measures to make the money, but instead, they’d sold the crystalized sugar as meth, that this, was a very bad example, but gladly, the victims were the officers, that they didn’t, really fall for it.

The Changwha Police bought drugs from Chien and Wu online, after they’d agreed on the prices, they’d decided to meet up by the sides of the road, Chien and Wu got into the car of the buyers falsified by the police.  The officer presented them with $20,000N.T. in cash, Wu handed in a bag of “amphetamine”, the police told them who they were, and arrested them took them back to the station.

As they returned back to the stations, the police opened up the packages, and found, that it was just crystalized sugar; the two of them admitted how Chien bought the sugars, for Wu to go and buy the cheap crystalized sugars, separated them into bags, to falsify as amphetamine, then, they’d sold the packets of at $10,000N.T. per bag to the users, they’d planned to cheat the users, and make a lot of money.  The police had intended to catch the dealers, but instead, they’d caught these two bad businessmen, and because the police hadn’t paid them yet and made the arrest, the judge found them guilty of attempted fraud.

So, this, is bad moral, I mean, at least, IF you want to sell drugs, use the real stuff, don’t cheat those buyers (of course, I’m not advocating drug abuse here!!!), but these two men thought they could fool the users, but, instead, as the bait got thrown out, they’d, hooked some cops.


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