Time, Mindset

Attitude, is the determinant, of EVERYTHING!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Maybe it’s getting older and the accumulation of my life experiences, that I’d suddenly discovered the changes in my mindset, with the changes in the time; and all we can do, is to go through every moment of our lives, feeling everything in the instant, to take advantage of every now that we get, because “time IS lifeeven if you’re the only one, sitll keep it positive…not my photo…

Everybody passes through time with different speeds, toward different directions, and, at every moment in the now, we’re, reflecting out how we’re feeling in the current moments.  Sometimes, being moved so deeply is about to get lost, leaving us with, that tremble on the inside; sometimes, the simplest forms of happiness can connect us more, that, is why these moments are, passed down continuously.  We’d projected our different states of mind toward those freeze frames in time, to decipher, to explain each moment ourselves, then, we’d, share them, traded them, and thus, time is no longer a measurement of physics, but what gives meaning to life itself.

For instance, the audiences sitting underneath the stage, watching the performances were, moved to tears, but, if we ask why they’re crying, then, everybody may have a different answer.  Some were attracted to how unique the performances are, some were heartfelt over the contents of the shows; some were moved, by the smallest increments of life, some felt called upon, by the movements of the era, the changes in the governments; to understand the point in time which we were all touched, each and every member in the audience is living in the moments that their minds created for them constantly.

Plus, time also has a way, of precipitate the heart.  For me, even as the outside world is in chaos, “love” is still, at the beginning of everything, for life, and art as well.  What was it that made the elderly couples weather through their entire lives together?  What was it that made that tough man into a gentle father?  I think, when we’re able to, look at the world through the angles of “love”, we’re, often moved by the beauties that we felt within ourselves, as it’d, existed, like a second nature to us, in everything we come to encounter in our surrounding environments.

positive thinking 的圖片結果it’s a conscious decision that we make for ourselves!  Not my photo…

Passion if the driving force behind this love.  People often said, “to take advantage, to enjoy the ‘honeymoon phase’”; not is this only applicable to marriage, but to all other areas too, there would be a period of adjustment, and it relates to how a relationship can keep on going, and how an opportunity can begin.  So, whether it be working with others or with a unique skill set, being active during the honeymoon phase, it’s a positive attitude that counts, a necessity too—the right timing, plus the right attitude, this brings about a positive cycle, so people would have more confidence, to face whatever challenges that comes next; if you can “take advantage of time”, then, you would have gained the forces to make things happen, to see that dream grow big.

And still, after you’d passed through the trials of the honeymoon phase, maybe, that, is the beginning of your trials. Whether it be to lengthen the “freshness” or to develop more facets of the “honeymoon phase”, we’d needed to define the timing by love, to chase our opportunities with heightened passions.  This applies to everything in life, not just in job or your callings in life; whether it be filial relations, friendships, love, or to understand one’s own relationships to the world, this rule can be applied to everything.

In time and mind, with the love, the passions, the strengths, and the opportunities, all of these elements strongly affected our ways of thoughts, how we act, our determinations and the decisions we made.  In this era in time, it certainly is, very difficult, to chase after something that will become, everlasting, and yet, even as the process to achieve the everlasting effects are filled with worries, I still believed, that we must, hold on to our hopes like there’s no tomorrow, and exercise our right to be optimistic.

how you choose to see things…not my photo…

So, this man stressed out the importance, of having a positive mindset on everything, and he is right, because attitude is the primary determinant of whether or not a person can be successful in life.  Besides, would you rather be working with someone with a pessimistic nature, or someone who has a positive outlook on life, even when the times get harder and harder???





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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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