Three Apologies

The real reason why she’s angry, it’s NOT what your simple mind may think, men!!!  Translated…

Chi-Bai opened up his eyes, it was only him, Li-Ming wasn’t in bed with him.  It’s already 9:30 now, it’s a Saturday, and he could sleep in as he wished to.  Oh yes, he had a gathering with five of his college classmates just last night, the six men ages in the thirties drank an entire bottle of whiskey.  He’d vaguely remembered arguing with Li-Ming as he arrived home last night.  He’d sat up from his pillows, took a look at Li-Ming’s spot on the bed, not the least bit ruffled, clearly, she didn’t sleep here last night, they’d been married two years now, and the only time they’d not slept together was when one of them was ill.  This is, NO small matter.  He frowned, what, were they, arguing about?  He’d recalled not finding her in the living room, found her in the study, printing something out, half-intoxicated, he’d, accused her of not being a good enough wife, how Guan’s wife would make him honey water to give to him to help him sober up, she didn’t; she couldn’t cook, couldn’t play coy with him, and he’d said something about her mother too, no wonder she was angry, he’d, rushed out of bed to find her.

don’t talk to me…what! from the female and the male, not my photo…

Li-Ming was making his breakfast.  Toast, sunny side up, a glass of apple juice, she was, just putting down a cup of instant coffee.  There wasn’t any breakfast for her, she probably already had hers.  He’d bear hugged her from behind, he knew, that in order to melt a woman, this sort of gentle gestures was necessary.  But, Li-Ming had, dissembled him, separated herself from his arms, without any expressions, walked into the study.  He’d called out, “Honey, I’m sorry!” to her, to stop her from walking away.  Li-Ming stood still, tilted her face, looking up ahead, like she was, looking at the skies that were, blocked by the walls, he’d hurried on, “I seemed to have a bit more to drink last night, I must’ve said something wrong, please forgive me, honey.”  She’d held a straight face, waited for him to finish, and after two short seconds, she’d, walked into the study.

Chi-Bai knew she was really angry, because she didn’t even call him a bad name, but why did she get so angry?  He’d recalled making a deal with her before they were married, never to act macho, split up the household chores, she makes all the breakfasts, and he would be responsible for four suppers out of the week, the rest of the days, they would go out on dinner dates together.  And, there would be housekeepers to sort through the household chores.  Last night, he’d told her to make the honey water like he’d owned her, complained that she was a bad cook, he’d broken the agreement, he’d needed to go in and apologize.

Chi-Bai opened up the door, the sofa bed was still spread out, with the folded sheets and quilts on top, she sat in front of the desk, didn’t turn her head, he sat right next to her, apologize genuinely, “Li-Ming, it was my fault, we’d agreed on being equals, last night, I’d complained about how you weren’t traditional enough.  Because I had a little too much to drink, my suppressed machoism came out.  I will, work hard, and be the good husband who treats his wife as equals.”

Li-Ming lifted her head, stared into his eyes, this was, the very first time she’d looked at him straight, “I won’t get mad over what you said.  You are already, much more accepting than most husbands, more responsible.  It’s only normal, that you’d, ranted on after having a little too much to drink, but I can’t stand how you’d, insulted my mother!”

His jaws dropped, how could he, how would he, insult her mother?  He’d vaguely recalled mentioning her mother, he’d asked, “What did I say?  I don’t even remember now.”

She’d spoken, with that frozen tone of voice, “if you recalled telling me to make the honey water, then, you should remember what you’d said about my mother.”  After that, she’d handed him the papers that got printed out in stacks, then, quickly exited the study.

with one of them shutting down…not my photo still…

Chi-Bai sat dumbfounded for a long while, started flipping through the stack of paper, it’s on what to watch out for for diabetics.  Chi-Bai had asked Li-Ming to prepare the information after his own father was diagnosed with diabetes, because she understood, being a nurse from before.  She’d worked as a manager in a nursing center of a university.  Turned out, he’d stumbled in drunk into the study, while she was preparing the information on his father’s diabetes, and he’d, talked trash about her mother.  He’d, suddenly recalled the conversation from last night.

“Working on your own work again!  You knew I’d come home drunk, why didn’t you prepare the honey water?  Guan’s wife treated him way better!”

She’d joked with him, “Yeah, better get on my knees, to bring you your slippers too!”

He’d gone farther, with being drunk and all, “You can’t even cook, can’t even play coy, you’d learned all of that from your mother, and because she’s like that, that, was why your dad left her.”

Suddenly, Li-Ming’s face straightened, “How can you say that!  Before I graduated out of college, to care for the three of us, she’d worked days in the factory, nights in the grocery shops, how could she find the time to cook?  I can’t cook, because I don’t have the talents to.”

He’d continued complaining, “Why did you have to go home to visit her too many times, I’d already paid up the mortgage on her house, so she’d become, more settled, so you can, be with me.”

“Am I not supposed to help my mother with her shoulder pains by giving her massages?  Did I not massage my mother-in-law too by the week as well?  Two years ago, I’d told you, that she didn’t need your help paying up her mortgage, my younger brother and I are both working, we can make the installment payments ourselves.”

there’s just, no way I can win this argument with you, is there?  Not my photo…

He’s drunkenness had taken over, “I’d saved my money up the hard way too, and your mother only thanked me once, she’s too greedy!”

Li-Ming became furious, “How can you insult my mother?  You insult me, it’s fine, but NOT my mother!” she’d rushed out of the study, gone out the door.  He’d returned back to the bedroom, fell asleep on it.

Chi-Bai thought he was the one, offering to pay up the mortgage.  The small condo in that building they lived in was from his parents.  But the things that they’d needed two years since they married, Li-Ming took the money out of her own pockets for, with his mother-in-law’s consents.  Why had he, blacken his own mother-in-law’s name?  Why did he feel compelled, to have women who weren’t even his own?  Is he, a bit, sick?  Him insisting on paying up the mortgage, was he trying to buy her daughter?  Isn’t this not the ancient beliefs?  He thought, Li-Ming would be, furious out of her mind!

He’d rushed into the bedroom, she was packing her things.  He’d grabbed her by the arms, “I shouldn’t have blackened your mother’s name, she’s a generous woman.  It’s because how much you loved her, I got jealous, she’s, such an amazing mother.”

Li-Ming didn’t brush his hand away this time, and her eyes showed that sort of understanding now.

So, that, is what the man was unwilling to admit, that he was, jealous of how much his wife’s been giving to her own mother, but, she had, taken care of their home well too, but, because of his intoxication, he’d, lost his sensible side, and insulted her mother, and yet, after a night’s sleeping it off, he’d come to his senses, apologized to his wife, but, how can this woman be certain, that this SHIT won’t happen again???


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