He’d Whored Around When He Was younger, and Now, as He’d Become Elderly, He’d Returned to His Children & Wife to Demand Alimony

where the man ended up…photo from online…

From Yahoo!.com.tw, translated by me…

An elderly man from Pingdong had made it rich selling the records in his younger years, but, had multiple extramarital affairs because he was once so young and so rich, separated from his wife whom he’d deserted thirty years on end.  But after his failed investment ventures in China, he’d accumulated the debts; he’d become, poverty-stricken in his elderly years.  He was reminded of the children he had with his ex-wife, but the children refused to pay for his welfare, so he’d, sued them in court.

Back in 1953, Chen had three children with his wife.  He had first had an extramarital affair with his own younger sister-in-law, his wife found out, he’d, paid his way out of trouble that very first time.  He’d, continued on, on this path of extramarital affairs, seduced a female worker in his own plant, not only did he buy her a place to live in, he’d also impregnated her, abandoned his own first wife, moved in with his whore.

And yet, the wheels of fortune had, turned, Chen, back in the 1990s, followed the trend of other record makers, headed to China to set up manufacturing plants, but ended up losing money.  So he’d returned back to Taiwan, to start again, but, the C.D. industry was, taken over by the music online, he had accumulated sums of debts he couldn’t pay up.  Back then, Chen was a bigshot, had everything going well for him, and now, he’d become, impoverished in his elderly years.  Looking at his ex-wife, she’d managed the record company quite well from before, saved up the money, and started investing in real estate, collecting the rents from her properties, and she had lived, without much difficulties with her own children from Chen.  And now, Chen finally recalled the family he’d, abandoned, although he’d, felt remorseful, but, he’d still, had to, lower himself, go back to his own wife, and asked her for the alimony payments to live off of.

what he did, when his wife wasn’t looking…not my photo…

Naturally, his wife and children wouldn’t agree to this.  His children still recalled the day their father had, abandoned their mother with them all alone on their own.  So, they’d, followed his measures, kicked him out of the house, and told their mother, to not bother with him at all.

Chen’s first wife filed a suit of divorce with the courts, Chen claimed that he’d not left them without anything, otherwise, how was the family of four able to, live so well off?  Asked the judge, to invalidate the claims of divorce.  The judge believed, that thirty years ago, the society had, tabooed the women who were divorced, and, as husbands betrayed their wives, the women can only suck it up, that his wife had, worked hard, raised up all their children, Chen never contributed any time OR energy in caring for his young, the divorce was, granted.

So, this is still, a case of the man’s BAD karma, coming back around, to BITE him in the ass, because he’d, deserted his wife and young children, left them with, absolutely NOTHING to live off of from before, his wife worked really hard, got established in business, and is now, living quite well off, and this man comes back, and demands that his children whom he’d abandoned a long time ago, to pay the supports of his elderly years?  Yeah right, and the judge realized, that this man was the one who’d faulted up in the marriage, and so, his wife and kids didn’t have to pay for his living in the elderly years.





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