The News of Deaths by Child Abuse…

These used to get to me like crazy, but, now, I’d just, thumb across each and every piece of news story, like they’re, no more than ordinary…

The news of deaths by child abuse, how many had there been?  How many MORE will there be?  There had been, incidents of deaths by child abuse in the past, so I know, that what I’d, thumbed across, isn’t a first, but, why can’t it be the very last?  I’d, wondered…because there will always BE unfitting parents who’d BRUTALIZED their own young, and they’re not even, fitted to have children, and yet, they’re, still, popping them out left AND right, can you believe it!

like this young child, who hadn’t done ANYTHING Y-E-T, ddi s/he deserve this???  Of course N-O-T, but it was still, done TO her/him!!!

The news of deaths by child abuse, when will there come a day, when there would be, NO such news anywhere on earth, huh?  And, how long’s it gonna take, for ALL of you out there, to become, fully aware, of the situations at hand, and realize that hey, this SHIT is happening, right NEXT door to us (that kid that always goes to school with the long-sleeve shirts and everything, NO matter how hot the weather gets???  Or that woman who wore dark shades, even when there’s, NO sun???)………

wiwith the BEFORE photo on the left, and the AFTER on the right!  From online…

The news of death of child abuse, well, that’s, just another young life that’s, lost, I didn’t cause it, so, I’m, not responsible!  Yeah uh, that, is what YOU think!!!










About taurusingemini

All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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