Of the 230 Million Children Left Behind, Thirty Percent Aren’t Being Looked After

Abandonment of children, in CHINA, for the sakes of, providing for their own young, but in the children’s mind, they’re, being, LEFT behind by their parents, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

From the Not-for-Profit Organization’s White Papers, Over Ten-Percent of Children Can’t See Their Parents Once a Year, and with a Higher Rate of Students Experiencing Deaths of Their Parents Being Too High, Suspect It Was Only the Children, Venting Out Their Angers.

children, left alone, to grow up on their own in China…photo from online…

The term “Children Left Behind” referred to those children whose parents went into the cities to work, and they’re left, to live on their own in the countries.  They normally stay with either parents, their grandparents or other relatives, friends.  The children left behind had become, a hard-to-solve social problem in China in these past couple of years.

The Beijing’s Not-for-Profit organization “On the Way to School” did a survey and found, that in the schools of the farming villages in China, there were 26.1 percent of students who were left behind, and those who are cared for by their mothers, with their fathers away and working takes up 26.9 percent, and with the mothers working away, 5.1 percent, totaling up to 58.1 percent of local children.

The investigations found, that over half of the children who were left behind by both parents had seen their parents less than twice per year.  Of these, there were, forty percent of children who’d only seen their parents one to twice per year, and, over 13.6 percent of children left behind don’t get to see their parents once a year.

The reports disclosed the how much not having the parents around had affected these children in school or at home.  Of the surveyed students, 11.4 percent of the students stated that their parents passed away, and about 7.9 percent of the students stated that their parents dying had no affect on them, which was not the reality, and the officials suspected that these children were, merely, venting toward their own parents.

imagine children as young as these, without their parents to watch over them…photo from online…

And there were issues of behaviors in school, scholastic performances in these children who were left behind, but hey, money IS hard to come by, and I know you have mouths you need to feed, and, the costs of raising a kid is getting higher and higher, you need to find better work, that, is why, in the name of giving the best you can to your young, you’d, gone away, left them, without realizing, that hey, maybe my daughter/son needed me to be RIGHT there with her/him, at his current developmental stage in her/his life.


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