Taking the Tours in the Universities with Dad

Something to do with an elder, who doesn’t move much anymore, helping him find that zest in life back again, translated…

I’d loved getting closer to nature on my days of, surrounded by nature, it’s made me, feel relaxed, but with my father getting older, we’d started, heading into the university campuses for our strolls.

students going to school, photo from online…

Although there was NO need to check-in to Facebook, but my dad said, that because he wasn’t able to graduate from the elementary years, he’d especially wanted to head on up north to visit the university campuses there.  And so, I’d, made a tour plan for it, so those images of the schools would, get etched into his mind, to fulfill his dreams, and dad started, trekking the fields of the numerous colleges, compared to going out to sightsee, it’s, a better thing for him, and those buildings with the histories, it’d always, sparked his curiosities too.

After we’d gone to a lot of the university campus, my father couldn’t help but start comparing, that the characters of the students from a certain school wasn’t that good, as he’d seen a lot of the students in flipflops going to their classes; he’d said, that a certain school is very healthy, because the school served his favorite ice cream, made by the school, and very cheap; that a certain campus must be the biggest in area, because the lawnmowers told, that as they’d finished mowing one end, the grasses on the other end are, tall once more.

going on tour at the schools, photo from online…

Once we’d entered into the libraries to stay good, we’d, reminded him to keep quiet, being hard of hearing, he’d shouted loudly, “Where’s this place that won’t allow us to talk!”, we were so thrilled we’d, taken him outside immediately, and, that school was labeled negatively as “being too cheap” by him………his ways of labeling the schools made me laugh.

In the end, as I’d asked him which school he’d like the most?  It was Taipei University, because it was closer to home, a few minute’s drive; and the cost of parking being cheap, parking for half a day, and it’d, only cost us a couple of coins; and the sights are different throughout the seasons, he’d received some positive energies as he’d, strolled along, and that became his top choice.

Taking dad out, other than helping him relax, I’d also hoped, that these sacred grounds, will keep on motivate him to head outdoors again and again.

the buildings, worth noting, not my photograph still…

So, this is the way that the children came up with to get the dad moving, the child took the father on tour to the various university campuses, and it’d made the father more engaged into his surrounding environment, made him feel more social, more active in his elderly years.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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