Having a Well-Thought-Out Long-Term Care Plan So the Younger Generation Won’t Hate Getting Older

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

My Japanese friend was in a foul mood, he’d come on vacation to Taiwan, asked me out to tea.  He was teaching Chinese to Japanese students, that day, he’d assigned the topic of “Life”, had the students written essays and read aloud.

A student wrote only twenty-four characters, that got the whole class applauding for him, “We’d become nothing but bones, useless after retirement; rather than being useless, I’d rather, become bones.”; my friend in his seventies felt bad, that the student’s article showed how much their generation despised the older generations.

I’d consoled with him, that although he’d retired, he’d still taught Chinese, that he was, nowhere NEAR useless.  The 103 years old Japanese photographer is still working.  He’d told me he knows, but, because of work, he’d gotten on the trains with the younger generations, and he’d felt their glares of despise toward him, that Taiwan is better.  Taiwan had only surpassed its first hundred years, and, the disgust, the hatred toward the elderly started in the two hundreds, it’s naturally to come, unless, we’d made ways, to prevent the hard-hitting impacts, otherwise, we will be, worse off.

On the evening of June first, in a basketball court in Loyang, Henan, there was a fight between the older generations who were dancing in the spaces, with the younger playing the basketballs, on the issue of getting the places.  There were the older generations who’d forced a young boy into the corners, and beaten him up.  It was caught on tape, and streamed online, the elderly was hitting and kicking, cussing the younger generations out for cussing them out, and there were the elders who’d hit first, and started, “I dare you to touch me, how much money are you thinking of losing?”, after all of it was streamed online, it’d caused the online community to search for the elder, the younger actor, Jing-Fu Jiang wrote on the weblogs: people often tell us to respect the elders, and this respect, is on their behaviors, not their age, if the elders did something wrong, we should instead, be outspoken about it.  It’d gotten the public consensus on how the elders were the ones who’d, started it.

Not long ago, I was having a conversation in a café in Korea with a friend, there were two younger ladies sitting close by, A said she’d turned down her boyfriend’s proposal, because his parents aren’t in good health, that as she married, she is surely, to become their nurse, she wouldn’t want that one bit.  B said she’d also turned down her boyfriend, A asked, “Isn’t his parents both very healthy?”  B replied, “Surely, that, is why I worry, by the time they get to their nineties, and I’m in my sixties or seventies, in need to look after them, I should be so unlucky!”  A said, that the women in Shanghai are seeking out men with the houses, the cars, and no parents, that it was, classic.  My friend wanted to go tell them off, but, I’d, pulled her back.

This, was the issue of the longevity in Southeast Asia, and this conflict between the younger and generation will only, exacerbate by the day.

So, the younger generations are not the ones to blame, for this trend of disliking the elderly generations, the elderly are also equally responsible, because it still takes TWO to tango, if the elderly populations acted properly, then, why would the younger generations hate them?  It’s still a cause-and-reaction state of play here, and, having a good enough long-term care program is only HALF of the answer, you also need to educate the younger generations so they can have more empathies, gain more understanding, toward the aging generations, because one day, they too, will get older.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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