The Raspy Screams of the Lead of Linkin Park Was No More

his phoot from less tahn twenty-four hours ago…phtoo from online…

A great loss, of the music industry, the artist still couldn’t, conquer that demon that started living inside of him from when he was a whole lot younger, from the Entertainment Section, translated…

The well-loved lead singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington was found dead, having committed suicide in his own L.A. mansion, he was only forty-one years old.

His group had sold over ten million albums, and set a world record, their tours around the world had gained them all the fames and fortunes already, a short while ago, the group had even put out a brand new album, and, as members of his band drove to pick him up at his home for a photo shoot, they saw police surrounding his residence, that, was when they’d learned, of his committing suicide.

Chester Bennington didn’t keep the fact that he was addicted to drugs and alcohol from his fans at all, and his addictions may have been rooted from when he was seven years old and was raped by an older male and abused for six long years, he’d admitted how he’d lost ALL his self-confidence because of it, that he was afraid, that if he’d told the adults the truth, something worse would happen to him, that he’d, kept everything locked up too deeply inside of him.  Until he got older, and set up his band, “Linkin Park”, with his good friends who’d loved music as much as he had, and although, he’d presented a perfect front of himself in front of the public and friends, but he still couldn’t get away from the strong grips that alcoholism and drug addictions has on him, it got so serious, that his band members decided to all intervene, to get him cleaned, forced him to quit his bad habits, and that, was when he’d learned that he was, trouble, in his band members’ minds.

can you sense anything wasn’t quite right here???  Of course not, he’d, hidden it so well!  Photo from online…

But because there’d always been this darkened area in his heart deeply, Bennington had always felt drawn toward songs about death very much, he’d once quoted Bruce Lee’s “Game of Death” as a dialogue in one of his songs, and, left this world, like Bruce Lee had, on July 20th.  He’d loved the horror movies, and had a set of standards on what he viewed when he was still alive, had played a small part, in the seventh episode of Saw, and died in a horrible manner in the movies, and back then, a lot who knew him thought, that this would satisfy his needs, that he would, give up, on attempting to kill himself, but, the tragedy of his death still occurred.  His son, Taylor had once written words of encouragement and stuck the stickers to his mugs, wanted him to “love life”, but it still wasn’t, strong enough, to deter him from wanting to kill himself.

And so, this man, is a tragic character, although he’d found success in his music, became outstanding in what he did, it still wasn’t enough, to fill up that void that he has inside of his heart, and it’s still all due to his being sexually abused for long-term by someone when he was very young.  This showed, how much those earlier years of experiences can affect someone their whole lives.  And, the music industry had, lost one of the greats this time, as a result…








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