The Naked Barbies

Why did this child undress all of her mother’s dolls?  To find MORE creative uses for them, of course, translated…

The very first time I’d met young Bei-Bei, she was only six, completely unafraid of strangers, and rushed towards me happily, to introduce me to the dozen Barbies on her shelf.  And still, it was, kind of embarrassing, because ALL her Barbies were, completely, naked.

Her mother asked me, while she was, showing the displays of all her naked Barbies to me and whispered to me, “Do you think, it’s, a bit, sick?”, I’d attempted, to soothe my friend for almost ten years with my gaze; of course, the dozen of Barbies, with no clothes on, nobody can stare at for too long.  These over ten Barbies, were from my friend’s collection from when she was younger, but, as her Barbies followed her into marriage, and into the hands of her own young child, had this sort of a shocking appearance to them.

other than standing still, looking preetty, this young child had found innovative uses for these things, phtoo from online…

“Isn’t this, Barbie long-hair?”, I’d carefully, picked up one that looked unique compared to the others, attempted to start a conversation with Bei-Bei.  “None of them has a name!  They’re not real humans, why would they need names?” Bei-Bei shouted, matter-of-factly, and smacked me on the face.  “Then, why are they all, not dressed?”, I’d gotten into the point.  “She’d told me, they’d feel more comfortable that way.”, Bei-Bei’s mom had, answered before she could reply, but, as her words came out, it’d felt she was trying to prove something, in front of a six-year-old child.  The young Bei-Bei seemed, not at all interested in our adult conversations, and only replied, “I mean, they’re easier to play with.”, then, started folding the dolls legs and arms.

A couple of days later, Bei-Bei’s mom sent me a couple of photos, as I saw, I couldn’t help but chuckle, and, I’d realized, that I’d failed to realize, how Bei-Bei had felt, being misunderstood by the adults that day.  In the photo, the Barbies took up all corners of Bei-Bei’s bedroom, still completely nude, but they’re all, very easily to play with, the legs extended dolls, became the bookends on Bei-Bei’s desk; a Barbie with the black hair, with the arms extended upward, became a storage of Bei-Bei’s hairbands; and the long-haired one, was hung on the clothe hanger by her hair, with handkerchiefs on both legs.  But, the most creative use for a Barbie that Bei-Bei had was, the one lying flat in the corner of the room, with one leg up, worked as a mosquito incense holder.  Bei-Bei’s mom had did a specially large photo of that one, the Barbie was buried in the ashes of the burned mosquito incense, with the dark colored burns on the body, it was, as if I’d heard Bei-Bei’s moms shrilling screams.

Eight years later, as I saw Bei-Bei again, she’d become a young woman going to middle school.  We’d spoken of those dolls, Bei-Bei smiled an unwilling smile, gave her mother a slanted glare, “my cunning mom, one day when I wasn’t paying attention to my dolls, she’d, taken them all out.”  “Of course I had, how can I bear the thought of all my collectibles working as a mosquito incense holder.  And the one hanging in your closets, it was, so thrilling to see!”  “But dad knows how to appreciate my work of genius!”  “Then, why don’t you go and use his robot from his collection for that?”  “Those bodies are way too rough, without the aestheticism, and I’d kept all the clothes so well for you, and, you can’t see their beautiful figures underneath all those beautiful clothes!”

they’re easier to “mold” into what you want them to do like this, rather than with all those flashy dresses on, photo from online…

The two of them exchanged words back and forth, I looked at this fourteen-year-old, and I’d come to believe, that she’s, bound to, have an extraordinary life!

Because this child had innovative uses for her mother’s dolls, that, is why the writer believed, that she will have an extraordinary life, and, the mother stopped the child from exercising her creative mind, and that would be, awful, because this child’s creative uses of those Barbies can help her become creative in problem-solving later on in life.


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