The Husband & Son Were Charged in the Case of Claiming Insurance of the Woman Who’d Died

So, this accident, was not, an accident at all, instead, it looked like, a suicide, with the motive being???  Oh yeah, M-O-N-E-Y, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

She Had a Debt of Thirty Million Dollars N.T., and Had an Life Insurance Worth Thirty-Four Million Dollars N.T., the Police Reviewed the Surveillance Footage, and Found that the Three People Had, Cased the Scene of the Accident Repeatedly

The Woman Yeh, Died from Falling Off the Hill Side in April, Her Husband, Chen, and Her Son from Her Ex-Husband, Chen Claimed that She’d Had an Accidental Fall While Taking a Selfie, But as the Investigators Dug Deeper, They’d Found, that Yeh Was Thirty Million Dollars N.T. in Debt, that the Whole Family Had, Sacrificed Her Life, to Scam the Life Insurance Agencies.  The Taoyuan District Attorney’s Office Charged Chen, Her Husband, and Chen, Her Son on Artificial Suicide and Other Charges.

The investigators pointed out, that Yeh (age 50) made bad judgments in her stock investments, lost a lot of money, and was accused of embezzling ten million N.T.s from her company, the company told her to pay or they were going to pursue the charges in court, she’d borrowed the money from the loan sharks, and accumulated her debts up to thirty million dollars totally.  She’d wanted to sell the land owned by her father to pay up the debts, but her family wouldn’t allow her to, that was why she’d wanted to “commit suicide to save her whole family.”

Yeh had two sons with her ex, and after her ex died at the end of last year, she’d taken her younger son, Jun-Hong Chen (age 22), and remarried herself to Zheng-Xien Chen (age 44).  In December of last, after she and Chen had registered for marriage, she’d set up the insurances of $34 million N.T.s with three separate insurance companies, and changed the beneficiary to Chen from her own son.

On April 24 of this year, Yeh died from falling off the deep slopes right before the Baiji Tunnels in Fuxing Road in Daxi District, died on scene; the father and son pair told the police, that they were on a family outing, that Yeh was experiencing motion sickness, went off the car to take a break, as she was sitting on the railings, taking a selfie, she’d fallen accidentally.

As the Taoyuan District Attorney’s Offices examined closely, they’d found, that the family members weren’t sorrowful like they were supposed to, and that it didn’t seem normal, how the deceased was already ill, and head to the railings risking falling off to get a selfie, that the father and son’s statements were odd, after they’d looked further into the matter, they’d found, that on the day after his wife died, Chen immediately filed for a claim of $14 million N.T.s with the insurance agency, the D.A. asked the Criminal Investigations Unit as well as the Daxi Police in Taoyuan to collaborate in the investigations together.

The police used the wires and found, that Chen told his stepson, “Your mom told me to take care of you before she’d died”, and the police reviewed over the surveillance, and found, that Chen and two other members of his family, three days before the accident, had gone, to case the scene, where the “jump” had occurred, the D.A. suspected that they were, scamming the insurance agency.

Two days ago, the police called in Chen and his son in for question, Chen insistently claimed that his wife died by accident, that he “forgot” what he was there at the scene of the accident for, and got impatient, “Stop asking, what evidence have you, to show the judge?”

But, the son broke, as he was asked by the police if his mother’s death was an accident or a suicide, he’d originally answered, “I don’t know!”, in the end he’d admitted to how his parents went to check out the place, that his mother was originally suicidal, and told him, to continue to live his life well, that he hoped his mother “didn’t suffer much as she died”, told that other than being coaxed into lying by Chen, he’d also mentioned, “I don’t want anybody else to know, that I had a hand, in murdering my own mother!”

And, Chen’s older sister (age 48) runs a company that prevents the leaks, and was suspected of falsifying the wages for Yeh, and proved, that the deceased had a stable job, “Couldn’t commit suicide”, she too, was, brought into custody; she claimed that she’d done everything as her younger brother had asked, and didn’t know their plans, and the D.A. mandated the bail set at $150,000N.T. after they’d interrogated her.

So, the reason for this murder by “accident” is for money, to SCAM the insurances, and because insurances don’t pay for suicides, and the woman was mentally unstable, the families tried to cover that up, but in the end, everything still came out, and the accomplices were the husband AND the son, and this woman lost her life, because they wanted to make it rich from the insurance claims, but they weren’t successful, they got caught!


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