We Can’t Just Focus on the Sex in Discussing the Matter with the Children

A lesson learned, by the lecturer, on teaching useful material to the students, taught, by the group of students she was giving the lectures to, translated…

Two years ago, when I began touring the schools to teach about sex, I’d worked with a certain middle school, and went to class to give a lecture on teenage pregnancies.  The school wasn’t located in the city, there was, an assortment of security issues at the school, I’d discussed it with the counselor, that maybe, we can, combine my lecture with their daily life, so they can understand, “raising a child isn’t what they’re supposed to be doing at their age.”  And so, at the first class, I’d discussed it with the teacher, that I was going to discuss the costliness of having children with the students, from how I’d raised up my own, how burdensome it was for me economically, so the students will get a firsthand look at just how difficult raising children is.

with the students, actively engaged, photo from online…

It was, a total bust in the very end.  As I’d told these middle school students, that I’d wanted Mimi Chou to play all she wanted to in her preschool years, to not learn to read or write, to learn the phonetic spellings, everybody in the class burst out, “Why isn’t learning to read and write a good thing?  That, is what we’re doing in school now!”  (I’d smirked inside of my mind: children, so how do you explain why you’re not studious enough?)

I’d explained to them, that based off of the muscle developments, young children aren’t ready to write yet, they’d accepted my claims, barely, then, they’d asked about Mimi Chou’s school costs, and, as they’d heard that it was $4,500N.T.s a month (it was, already, a very low cost in Taipei, but the highest cost where I was lecturing), the students hollered, “Teacher, what is she learning that costs so much!  Why did you place her in such an expensive school!”  As I’d told the students that the school was focused on how the farmers planted the food, that they were all, agriculture workers, the audience was about to riot then, they got so worked up and told me, “Teacher, don’t send her into a preschool!  Take her to my home, and I’ll help you look after her, free of charge!”

I’d felt so ashamed, we were, so in awe, such an innovative way of teaching, this, is how these kids live from day to day, they were raised like this, there’s, NO need for other means of learning, the lessons are, a part of their lives.

how they learn…photo from online…

But, although the systems of education affirmed these values, but, they’d not, embraced this way of life fully, on the contrary, in the system of grades is everything, what these kids learned became, a subsidiary; getting these children who are away from nature to be close to the natural world, and these children who are already closer to the natural world, because of not making high enough grades, they’d gotten scolded for not making the grades.  To the point, I’d often forgotten about how I’d stated, “the children who’d shown problems on the matter of sex, it’d only reflected how their lives are messed up in general, they may not have been treated well, or maybe, the entire system of education, the entire society, never gave the students who weren’t studious a fighting chance; this wasn’t the children’s fault in sum, we must view it from the children’s whole life perspective, instead of just the sex portion of it.”  If in their homes or schools, they couldn’t feel the love, then, what right have we, to blame them for trying to find what they lacked in their romantic relationships?

For the rest of the other classes, I’d, stopped discussing the issues in the hardships of having and raising the children, instead, I’d asked them what they’re in to?  What their interests were?  Who their idols are?  Who are their friends  Then, we’d discussed what is most important in school: finding something you’re willing to work hard in, and finding friends who shared the same interests as you, if you can, try to find an adult who will “accept you when you’d done something wrong, someone who is willing to, listen to you”.

Can we, turn ourselves, into these sorts of adults?  The adults that these teenagers need?

So here, the teacher learned a very valuable lesson from the students, and, she’d, revised her lectures, changed her lesson plans so to speak, to fit the needs of the audience that she’s speaking to, in this case, they were, a group of countryside teenagers.


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