Paid Him $2,000,000 N.T.s, and He Still Wouldn’t Let Go

More bad news, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

“After he took the two million dollars N.T., he’d promised never to threaten, harass, or verbally abuse me, but he’d gone back on his promise!”, the Chinese woman, Han was shot in her right calf, she said that after her ex spent up the money, he’d come back to harass her again, she’d kept everything inside for the sake of her son, “I can’t believe that he’d used a gun to threaten me, he’d done the same to his own son too”, she was heartbroken, “Why can’t he just let us be?”

As Han was rushed to the hospital in Keelung, she was still conscious, as she got out of the O.R., she’d stated, “My life was spared.”  She said, “We don’t get along, he’d beaten me, and my son up all the time”, whenever her ex was in a bad mood, he’d taken it out on her son, he was very hotheaded, and for the sake of her son, she kept everything covered, and not pressed charges against him.

“Once, he’d beaten my son up, my son flew so far, it was so scary, that was when I’d sent my son to China, to escape from him”, and that, was when he’d promised he will never hit him again, and that, was when I sent for him back to Taiwan.

Han said, they’d signed the divorce back in 2007, but until 2013, they were still living under the same roof, for the sake of her son, because her ex threatened, “I will keep your son from you.”

Han stated, that back in 2014, her ex wanted her to sell the house, she didn’t, but borrowed two million dollars from someone to give to her ex, and, they’d signed the divorce agreements in front of the attorney.  The ex agreed to never harass, threat, or verbally abuse her again, but after he’d spent all the money, he’d returned to them again, he refused to let her and her son live their lives well.

She said, that after she divorced, she’d started dating Hsu, moved in with him later.  That for the sake of her son, she’d kept everything hovered up, wanted her ex to change his temper, to part amicably, and her ex wouldn’t listen, even after the divorce, he’d prevented her from dating again.  She’d learned to wrap up the betel nuts, and sold the drinks at the construction sites, to make a living on her own, hoped to be rid of her ex, and start her brand new life.

And yet, look how well that worked out, and this still just shows, how this LOSER refused to let go, I mean, why would he, he knows, that he will always and forever BE able to use threats, to get his ex-wife to give him what he wanted (money, mostly), and this woman couldn’t break free from the cycle of this sort of an abuser/enabler interaction style, because she’d become, totally, controlled by her, and a restraining order still won’t do the trick either!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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