After the Divorce in Court Was Settled Amicably, He’d Rammed His Car into the Attorney, Seriously Injuring His Wife

We have here, a DELAYED reaction of ANGER, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Hong yesterday afternoon went to the Tainan District Court to settle the divorce with his wife, afterwards, he’d, rammed into the car his ex-wife and her attorney was driving in between the pass in the courthouse and the D.A.’s office; the attorney, Huang was rushed to the hospital, he’d died, Hong’s wife is still in critical condition.  After Hong hit them both, he’d stopped to make a call, and waited silently for the police to arrive and arrest him, he was charged with murder and sent to the Tainan’s District Attorney’s Office.

Dang-Xing Hong (age 40) claimed that as his wife and him were in court settling the divorce, she’d demanded their two children’s custody, and as he drove away from the district court, he saw his wife and her attorney laughing, walked very proudly, he’d lost it, let his anger take over him, and pressed down hard on his gas pedal.

The police said, that Hong and his wife, Lee (age 44), at 2:30 in the afternoon, arrived at the Tainan’s Family Court to their first mediation for divorce, Lee was accompanied by the Zheng-Cheng Attorneys at Law’s attorney, Huang (age 44).  After the settlement was over at 3:30 in the afternoon, Lee and her attorney left out of the side door on the west side of the courthouse, followed the path to where they’d parked their cars.

As they walked, they’d discussed the case, suddenly, Hong rode up from behind them in his red van, the two of them were hit, and run over, they’d started bleeding on site.  And because it was a downhill slope, there was an excessive force used, the windshield of the van was completely broken.

After Hong ran them over, he’d stood at the scene, and made a call, the bailiff, and the other officers who were there, as well as the district attorney who was also there immediately called the ambulance; the district police officer came, and arrested Hong.  There were multiple fractures all over Huang’s body, he’d died before they rushed him to the hospital; Lee suffered excessive internal bleeding, and multiple fractures, after the emergency surgeries, she was still in the I.C.U., being resuscitated, her vital signs were unstable.

The Tainan District Court said, that Hong and Lee were married for thirteen years, had two children in the elementary years.  Last September, Hong who was laid off sparked up the discussion of divorce, reason being how they don’t get along well, but because Lee had already moved out, and was separated from him, he believed there to be no chance of reconciliation, he’d filed for a divorce.

Yesterday afternoon the Tainan District Court held the mediations, Lee, who’d already moved to Taoyuan was accompanied by her attorney, Huang southbound to the court appearances; the mediation was smooth and peaceful, the two agreed on divorce, and set up a way they could see their children, and signed a waiver on claims to each other’s properties and assets too, but, right after they’d left the courthouse, Hong ran his ex-wife and her attorney over.

The police said, that Hong worked in a small food shop in the city of Tainan, but as the reporters went to the shop to interview the owner and the workers, but the owner said that Hong wasn’t working there, he was just, a regular customer.  Hong had talked of his two children, and the store personnel heard that he was in a divorce battle with his wife, and felt that he was a fitting father, they couldn’t imagine him to do something so harsh.

So, this, is still, a crime that was caused by this man’s moment of anger, as he saw his ex-wife laughing with her attorney, and, they may just be chit-chatting, and he was overcome with anger, and, this is why, despite an amicable divorce, people should still be very careful, because like this man, he may have just, bottled up the displeasures of the divorce inside, and, as he saw his ex-wife laughing and chatting with her male attorney, all hell broke loose…



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