The First Letter

The socializations of the younger years, made you into who you are right now, the effects of childhood is, enormous all right!!!  Translated..

Before the New Year’s, I’d received a letter from my elementary school student, just saying hello, compared to the icy cold e-mails, it’d felt, heartwarming, and it’d reminded me of the very first letter I’d ever sent out to someone.

It was, a small village of about two hundred families where I grew up, the fathers of the families were mostly military men, and weren’t home a lot; the mothers watched over the children, and worked hard, to try to make the ends meet.  The era of equally poor, nobody envies anybody else, and there were, no complaints either.

not my photo…

But, there was a family that’s very different to the rest, the young mother couldn’t withstand the hardships in life, and couldn’t cope with how the kids were crying all the time, she’d, left home.  And, with her leaving, it’d brought the hardships onto her neighbors, all the families already had a hard enough time, taking care of their own, how are they supposed to, look after someone else’s children too?  And so, the village worked hard, to get the father back.  And the task of writing the letter to the father of the children landed on my father.  Why?  For starters, my father was not doing anything and just staying at home, and secondly, the entire village had relied on him to write the blessings on the red strips of paper at the start of the New Years, the signs that said how we’re against the Russians and the Communists, and thirdly, he just, couldn’t turn down the pleas from our neighbors any longer.

I saw my dad, made use of his mannerisms as a scholar, spread open the sheets and the papers, sat up straight, and wrote in printed characters, “To Wang, the heat of the summer is getting hotter, your wife had left home and vanished, your son missed his mother so and cried all day and nights, and it’d made the neighbors’ heart wrenched.  Myself and others wanted to help, but, we’re all having enough hardships in our separate lives as is, I hope, that you’ll come back home soon, and think of another way to make your living, the summer is getting hotter, do take care of yourself………”, as I’d, grinded down the ink, I was still just, in the elementary years.

There are, mouths to feed in my own home, my father worked hard, to find a better job, and finally, he’d found an office position and started working away from home.  But, the neighbor’s wife left home once more, and now, the writing of the letters landed on my mother, my mother had studied for a few short years, and wou9ld read the papers, the books regularly, but, she’s still, not as well-written as my father was.  She’s a follower of modern day languages, believed, that letter-writing was about getting the point across, there’s, NO need to use so many literary devices, there’s no need to beat around the bushes either, I saw her wrote down, “Mr. Wang, your wife left home for many days now, your child cried every minute of the day, without anyone to look after him, and although the rest of us, your neighbors all chipped in to help out, it’s not a long-term solution, you should come back and think of a better alternative!”, and yet, I’d felt, that there’s, something lacking in my mother’s letter, I’d written something extra, “Brother Wang, the northern winds are starting to blow, the coldness attacked, your wife had left for days on end, without any word, your son………” after my mother read what I’d written, she’d burst out laughing, and so, my first letter got to the frontlines of the war successfully.

not my photograph still…

The couple did end up, getting divorced, and for me, I’d, fallen in love with, writing the letters by the day.

So, this, is how socialization can affect someone, because there was a need, for the family to get the letter out to the neighbor, because the situation at home was dire, and so, the family took on the responsibilities of corresponding, and, this made the woman get into writing the letters, and it surely added to her knowledge base of the Chinese language too I’m sure!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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