Blackie Chen Sponsored the Son of an Officer Who’d Died in the Line of Duty, from His Middle School Year to Him Getting Married

The act of kindness of this actor, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“I can’t believe a simple thought of kindness from way back had help encouraged a young man for his future!”, the actor, Blackie Chen thirteen years ago saw how helpless the wife and child of the captain of the police in Taichung, Lee had, died in the line of fire, he’d written a letter to encourage Lee’s son.  “This letter was very important to me, whenever I felt defeated, I’d taken it out and read through it again”, Jia-Jun Lee yesterday, at his own wedding, took out this letter that Blackie Chen wrote him and thanked him for his encouragement over the years.

It was, June 15, 2004, the captains of the Taichung’s Second Substation, Yeh, Lee, while they were pursuing robbery suspects, they were, ambushed and killed.  Blackie Chen saw how helpless the children and the wife of Officer Lee cried outside the E.R., it’d made him, who’s own father died in the line of duty when he was just a child, to help the family out too, he’d gone to Lee’s funeral to pay his final respects, and donated the money from his performances, and left his phone number with the family, and kept in touch with them over the years.

Lee was encouraged by Blackie, and chosen to work in the same category as his father, giving to the community, he’d now, a firefighter in the Fire Department in Taichung.

Lee got married yesterday, and Blackie Chen and his father-in-law went in person, to offer him their blessings, he’d stated sensibly, “Thirteen years ago, Jia-Jun was only a second year student in middle school, and now, he’d become, a groom today!”, for thirteen years, he and the groom had, encouraged one another, hoped that everybody gives the bride and the groom their deepest blessings.

新郎李嘉浚(右)在婚禮上,拿出保存13年的信,讓藝人黑人(左)感動。 圖/翻攝自...the young man showing hte letter from Chen who’s standing next to him, which he’d kept for thirteen years, photo from…

Lee took the stage, and showed the letter of encouragement he’d received from Blackie thirteen years ago, “The teachers always leave the hardest of all lessons to the smartest of all students.  As for God, he’d leave the toughest trials to the children he held in the highest regards”.  Blackie encouraged Lee to dry up his tears, to throw away ALL the angers and complaints, to tackle life head on, to fill up his own life with hope and love.

Blackie used his own example of how his father too, had died, “I know how hard it is, to face it in your current states of mind………back then, I’d felt the same, but, it’d made me mature earlier than friends my age too”, he’d told Lee to look after his family, promised, “I will always stand behind you as support.”

So, this, is how this actor had, given back to this young man who’d lost his father, and, the actor’s kindness had touched the young child and his mother too, and, by passing on this kindness to a complete stranger, the actor was able to make a difference in the life of this young man, and now, the young man is becoming a real man, like his dad had been, he’s helping out, working as a firefighter!








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