The Owner of the Breakfast Shop

The twists and turns of life, and it’s all by the hands, of fate too!!!  Translated…

There was a vegetarian breakfast shop downstairs, it was run by the female owner alone, it is very well.  The aunt of the female owner would come to the shop to help out after her morning exercise routines.  She’s in her sixties, with a full figure, a loud laughter, compared to the quiet owner of the shop, the aunt was more lively and fun, with her there, the shop would be full of life and zest, and, it would be fitting to call her, the life of the party of the shop.  Every time I went to get breakfast, the aunt would always said to me sweetly, “Ahhhhhh, you hadn’t changed one bit, just like you were twenty years ago”, whether if she meant it or not, her words had, made my day, and, she’d often given me a larger serving.

The shop owner is very close to her aunt, I’d often seen them work out together, headed to the south to the temples, or shopping and dining out together.  For a while, the aunt didn’t show up at the shop, and the husband of the owner had come from time to time to help out, although I was curious, I’d not asked anything.  Until one day after work, I saw the owner of the breakfast shop pushing the aunt out on a wheelchair!  She looked thin, with half her face twisted, and her head of curls got shaved clean, her eyes became, dull, and not as cleared as they once were.

I was shocked by what I saw, I couldn’t believe it, that strong, optimistic, familiar aunt had, fallen, and, the moment she’d fallen, on some levels, it’d meant, that the aunty’s life had, ended.  I’d not dared going up to them to say hi, I’m sure, that aunty, who’d cared about her appearances wouldn’t want anybody to see her as such.

After I arrived home, I became so emotional, fate was too cruel, and, people became, so helpless, in front of their illnesses, there was that strong sorrow, mixed in with fear, spreading out, hovering over my chest now.  The next day as I went to get breakfast, I’d asked the female shop owner, she’d sighed and said, “Can’t help it, it’s the inherited hypertension causing her to have a stroke.”, and I saw aunty’s bright laughter before me, and didn’t know how to reply, so, I’d, taken my breakfast, and rushed off.

Life is so fragile, if fate never treated everybody kind from beginning to end, then, only by cherishing the moment, living in the moment, can we, leave behind, these wonderful, sunny memories of ourselves.

So, this just shows, how quickly life can take a sharp turn, the woman had a stroke, and, everything was lost to her, and, this, is just one of many encounters that someone had in her life, imagine how many similar events are currently happening, without our noticing, these, are the stories of ordinary people, worth our paying some attention to.


About taurusingemini

All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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